Sunday, 24 July 2011

ABC Tour – Cologne Sightseeing, Cathedral


We sailed through the night and this morning we were able to have a bit of a sleep in. We arrived in Cologne late morning. 

We passed quite a lot of industrial areas on the way.

MH Monday Tuesday 091

The sight of the Cathedral and bridges is quite stunning.

JH 11-12- Jul Amsterdam to Cologne 239

After lunch we were met by local guides who took us on a walking tour of the old city.  We were each given a head set, which linked into the guide’s set.  They are brilliant, as we can all hear without having to get really close and them yell.

JH 12 Jul Cologne 003

Like most of the main cities along the Rhine, it was founded by the Romans.

The old fish market square was our first taste of the old German architecture.  Just lovely.

JH 12 Jul Cologne 005

Of course, the Cathedral, or “Dom” is the most imposing building.  90% of Cologne’s old city was destroyed during WWII, but fortunately the Cathedral survived. 

JH 11-12- Jul Amsterdam to Cologne 248

It dates back to the 13th Century and is considered one of the finest in Europe.  The 510 foot high towers were only added in 1880.

MH Cologne ,Tuesday 025

The beautiful medieval stained glass windows were removed  in WWII and put in safe keeping for the duration, so are now back where they should be.

JH 12 Jul Cologne 062

There is a major archaeological dig taking place of the old Jewish Quarter of the city.

JH 12 Jul Cologne 028

In our free time I explored the more modern section of the city.

MH Cologne ,Tuesday 045

Meanwhile, Mick climbed to the top of the Cathedral tower.  It is 503 steps and, as the day was quite warm, he said it was quite hard.

MH Cologne ,Tuesday 042

After such an effort we had to try the local “Kolsch” beer at one of the local beer houses. It is light and refreshing and comes in 200ml glasses.

JH 12 Jul Cologne 023

Then it was back on board for the daily six course dinner before being entertained by a Belgian string trio.  What a treat. They were rather wonderful, after which we set sail overnight.

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