Thursday 27 December 2012

Christmas Day

Today is a quiet day, just me at home alone.  Quite a contrast to Christmas Day, when we had twelve for lunch, and yesterday, when we went up to Lake Canobolas at Orange for another family get together with those who couldn’t make it on Christmas day.

The best Christmas gift was cool weather and some lovely, soaking rain.

Santa was kind to everyone.  My Mum heard a little birdy say that I may just like to receive this book.  I’m looking forward to making something from it in the New Year.

December 2012 Christmas 019

The grand finale of present opening was my gift from Berit in Norway.

December 2012 Christmas 003

Firstly, there was the little man, who is now sitting by my teeny Christmas tree.  Is he a troll?  I’m not sure, but he is very cute.

December 2012 Christmas 017

The main gift was a lovely redwork table runner. 

December 2012 Christmas 013

This could not have been planned better, as when I was setting up for Christmas I decided  that I would have to make a Christmassy redwork runner for Grandma’s dresser that lives in my dining room. Doesn’t it look festive, but still ideal for any time of the year. The workmanship is beautiful and the length – well I’m sure Berit must have been here taking measurements, it is perfect.

December 2012 Christmas 016

There was also a tasty little treat to eat as well.  So, all in all, I was extremely spoilt.

December 2012 Christmas 018

Another gift from the Northern Hemisphere was this cute Advent Calendar card from Loulee.  Not having kids, this was the first Advent Calendar we’ve ever had and we had fun opening all the little windows during the month of December.

December 2012 Christmas 020

There is one other sweet gift that I haven’t shared as yet.  This came from one of my friends from my little stitching group here in town.

December 2012 Christmas 022

The owl’s wings open up to reveal a needle case and pincushion.  The little purse is just the right size for loyalty cards.

December 2012 Christmas 023

And……when you turn the owl over, there is a handy pocket for scissors and quick unpick (not that I would ever need one of those…Ha ha ha).

December 2012 Christmas 024

It was a very clever little gift.

So now I am looking forward to a few peaceful days at home before heading back to work after New Year’s.  Mick, on the other hand, is back into it today, with long hot days each day for the next week, poor fellow.

Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

I can’t believe that it is Christmas Eve.  After an incredibly busy month on all fronts I think everything has come together for a wonderful Christmas tomorrow.


Firstly, I had a whirlwind two day trip to Brisbane and the Gold Coast for work.  I was fortunate enough to sneak half an hour in the late afternoon to have a walk along the beach.

December 2012 Gold Coast 035

December 2012 Gold Coast 032  December 2012 Gold Coast 025

December 2012 Gold Coast 026

The night time view from the hotel was stunning.

December 2012 Gold Coast 047

Just a pity it was for work and not a holiday.

ShabbyBlogsDividerKEach year I like to make a decoration for each of my nieces for their Christmas tree. I learnt how to make these quilted balls recently, so had some fun making them. 

December 2012 016

They are easier than they look. That’s my sort of craft, maximum effect for minimum effort.

December 2012 017


We have given ourselves an early Christmas present.  We have been having internet problems at high demand times.  We are on wireless and in a bit of a hollow, so from about 7.30 of an evening till about 9.30 we have been getting no internet access, which is rather frustrating.   Mick has now installed an aerial on the roof and it seems to have improved things.  Two happy campers here.


Finally, here is our tree and table all ready for tomorrow.  We will be having twelve family and friends for lunch. 

December 2012 025

After an incredibly hot day, it is now cooler and raining, which is a great Christmas present in itself.

So, from Mick and I, have a wonderful Christmas with those you love.