Monday 31 August 2009

Beautiful Gifts

Firstly, as promised, here is a better photo of our beautiful Green Wattle. It is really putting on a show this year. I keep hacking away lower branches and it now has a lovely shape…..and we can actually get out of the gate, which is a bonus!

We called in at Mick’s Mum’s on Saturday. She has been having a clean out and found a box of lovely green glass under a bed. She will have bought it at op shops and put it away for my birthday or Christmas or something and had promptly forgotten all about it. They were all rather cruddy looking, but after a quick cycle in the dishwasher they shone beautifully in the afternoon sun. She was sure that I would have all the pieces…but I didn’t. The castellated bowl is new to me (I do have a castellated sweet set, but definitely different), the leaf plate over the back is new, and my favourite is the elegant jug with little feet. There is also a pair of vases, which I haven’t washed up yet. I do have another pair the same, but the more the merrier.

We were also sent home with these gorgeous camellias. Mick’s Mum has a lovely garden at her unit. She has the luxury of water and everything thrives. I couldn’t grow a camellia to save myself. The green bowl was also part of my new gift. I did have one like this and use it all the time, however mine had some big chips and this one is perfect.

Aren’t we spoilt.

Sunday 30 August 2009

Just in the Nick of Time

I can’t believe it is two weeks since I’ve had a chance to sit and write a post. Life has just got in the way of things.

The weather has been just plain whacko in that time. We have had days up to 23 degrees, big frosts, howling gales and a bit of rain. The garden has started to wake up earlier than usual.

Our green wattle has been an absolute picture. It is so fast growing and a lovely shape. I’ll try to get a better picture of the whole tree.

The orchard is coming into bloom as well, so I hope we don’t get too many more frosts.

I haven’t done much more on Mum’s quilt, as I have been dithering about the next rounds.

Also, I have been working on this - Jenny and Cheryl’s Sewing Machine Cover Challenge. I didn't know if I'd get this done, so it is a bonus.

It is amazing how many of us sew all sorts of lovely things, but only have a white plastic cover on our machines.
I made a sewing machine cover for Mum for Mother’s Day and had planned on making one for me and one as a gift. The one I planned for me had lots of appliqué, so I knew it wouldn’t be finished for Jenny’s challenge.

I thought I’d make the gift one…….but what fabrics? What design? Jenny suggested Tozz’s “Notions on my Heart”…maybe….what about Tozz’s “Butterfly on my Heart” and these soft fabrics? Now we’re talking. I bought these a while ago – they were pretty and very cheap (always a bonus). Very much out of my usual comfort zone.
I’m really happy with how the cover turned out. I put pockets at each end to house the cord and presser foot. I took inspiration from Jenny and Bec and also did wavy line quilting. It really suits the soft fabric design. Jenny may have started something there.

Mick prefers the back to the front.
The only problem is that I really like the way the cover has turned out and I don’t think it will leave here. I think I will have to start thinking all over again about a design for the gift cover.

Go to Jenny’s blog and check out the other lovely covers that have been made. I’m amazed at the variety of designs and the creativity of the ladies out there. Thanks Jenny and Cheryl for the inspiration.

Sunday 16 August 2009

One Week On

I promise this will be the last of the daffodil pictures. I just can’t get over the amount of growth in just one week. There are even more buds coming on, but I think they will be past their best. I’ve had great fun with them.

The hyacinths are now starting to make a move. The white one has come out. Unfortunately isn’t a nice dense flower, but it is still pretty.

Poor photos again, as they were taken at night.

I have actually made a start on Mum’s quilt. A little bit of remodeling had to take place at the start as the panel had been cut a bit lopsided and one of the vine strips was too narrow for the pattern. I had to make them all a bit narrower, but I won’t tell if you don’t. It was fun looking through my stash to find 56 different fabrics that tone in with the panel for the flying geese.

Now I just have to work out what to put in the corners – I think square in a square always works well – and then have a think as to what the next rounds will be. Half the fun is not knowing how it will end up.

Thursday 13 August 2009

It's Here!!..and My Haven't They Grown!!

It arrived!

Selina was my mystery Wash Cloth Swapper and she has sent a lovely package. Don’t you just love the way it was wrapped in an old sewing pattern and tied with her own “Selina’s Vintage” ribbon. What a lovely touch.

And what a stash when it was opened. The accompanying card is also one of Selina’s own showing her much loved chenille. The wash cloth is hobnail chenille with a fine binding of 30’s style cotton – in keeping with Selina’s love of chenille. The colours are just right for our bathroom.
I’m going to have a lovely soak in the bath on the weekend with the Bath Tea and the organic soap – bliss....and I know the choccie won't be around very long at all!

Thanks so much Selina. I’m thrilled.

Now, off on a tangent……Look how my daffs have grown. This photo was taken on Thursday morning. What a contrast to Sunday afternoon! There are still more buds coming on as well. The hyacinths haven’t done much yet, so that is something to look forward to once these have finished.

Just as well I brought them in on Sunday!

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Cheeful Daffs & A Better Choice

Just look at my little daffs today. It is now Tuesday morning and they have opened up heaps. They look really cheerful on a bleak looking day. It is a really dull morning so the flash on the camera took over. I hope we will get some decent rain.
This is what I will be using for Mum’s quilt. I just wasn’t happy with my earlier choice, so went digging in my cupboards. I had forgotten all about this. I bought the printed panel and border fabric at Millthorpe a couple of years ago. It is cheating, but the quilt they had on display was gorgeous.
It will be a medallion with blue thin borders. The vines and Jacobean flowers are the first border, then I will do a scrappy flying geese border and then make it up as I go along, finishing with the lovely border fabric. I think Mum will like this better than the other.

And…..while I’ve been typing this it has started to rain. Send her down Hughy!

Sunday 9 August 2009

It's Planting Time

Yesterday was our patchwork group get-together. We only had a few of us there but it was still a lovely afternoon. I finally finished Block 3 of Verandah Views. I’m seriously behind on this project. This was one of the three blocks I took with me to the Isle of Man to do and only achieved the top of the birdhouse while there and now it has taken me all this time to finish this one block. I will get there eventually.

Through the week I also finished off the Blue Wren wall hanging. It turned out really well. The border fabric looked quite drab by itself, but once it was put with the other blues it really came to life. I think Mum will like this addition to her blue wren collection.

I had today at home for a change. Mick was working, so I just pottered around doing housework and other mundane things. No sewing, but I now have inspiration for Mum’s quilt. More tomorrow.

Yesterday I noticed that the little bulbs I planted back in April (check out the details here) were starting to flower, so it is time to dig them up and bring them inside. Burying the pots in the garden worked really well. They are all nice and healthy and the soil lovely and moist – just ignore the weeds!
They looked a bit sad when they first came out of the ground.

With a bit of a wipe down and when placed in some old china with some sugar cane mulch to hide the pots they look OK.

I think the hyacinth in the terracotta pot may go to work with me, so it can cheer up my desk when it comes out.

The daffodils have already opened up more since I dug them up this afternoon and I’m looking forward to watching the hyacinths start to open up.

I'd like to leave the daffodils here, but they would be too warm in front of the heater. Joey looks quite snug under there.

Friday 7 August 2009

Wash Cloth Swap Sent

Sue has received her parcel in the Wash Cloth Swap arranged by Jodie of Jellywares. This was a lot of fun and some lovely creations have been winging their way around the place.

I caught the cloth in progress in the early morning sun.

After a couple of attempts with different yarns I settled on this blue.

It shows the texture well.

I now want to try the scrubber that Jodie made. Hopefully before too long.

Thanks to Jodie for arranging this Swap.

Thursday 6 August 2009


We received an invitation to attend a “Yulefest Dinner” (as it was to be held on 1 August as we couldn’t all be organised in July). The invitation said “Ladies – posh frocks, pearls and tiaras. Gentlemen – don’t let the ladies down.”

My man DOES NOT wear a suit and tie!!! Not even to weddings. He always wears a nice linen shirt with no collar, hence no tie!

It would be letting the hosts down if we didn’t make an effort and he dragged out the dinner suit he hasn’t worn for about 10 years. He doesn’t come up too bad with a scrub.

I think we all came up all right with a scrub.

It’s just a pity the photos are a bit blurred.
The night was delightful. A beautiful Christmas Dinner served at a formally set table….drinking out of Waterford….silver service… what more could we want.

I just forgot to take photos of the dining room…Doh!