Saturday 18 April 2015

A New Season, a New Look

This was our bedroom at our old house.  It was rather spacious with a nice view out the window into the trees outside.  Around to the right of the photo there is a large Edwardian wardrobe and a walk in robe.  It was lovely and restful. 

Bed 1

Our bedroom in the house we are in now is decidedly smaller – just wide enough for the bed and beside tables.  It is also painted Antique White USA.  I never thought I’d be in a white room.  However, we painted the room  for rental purposes before we decided to live here until our house is built.

We have nice big built in wardrobes and there is a little nook to the side, perfect for “Victoria” to reside.

December 2014 083

There is even room for the big wardrobe and the blanket box at the end of the bed.  No room for the dressing table or treadle sewing machine, but that is fine. One change we made that made the world of difference was not using the foot of the bed.  It just slides in under the ensemble, so was easy to put away for the time being.  I had to hang our Wedding Sampler that Mum made for us all those years ago.

December 2014 086

I loved the look of our bedroom in the summer.  It was really calming walking into this space.  Yes, I do like the white walls and we will use this colour (or lack thereof) in our new house.  It is good being able to try before you buy, so to speak.

Now for the change of season.

Seeing it is now autumn, I changed the quilt to the first one I  ever completed, back in the autumn of 2003.  Yes, I even stitched the label.  This class was at Anni’s shop when it was really new.  Kate Foody was my teacher.

April 2015 021

What a difference it has made.  Rather than being a calm room to enter it is now really snug and cosy.

April 2015 015

Victoria even has her winter scarf on.

April 2015 019

I had to laugh the other day when Mick made the bed.  It was a cool morning so he tucked everyone in.  Awww! Meet “Big Ted”, “Ted” and “Golly”. “Garfield” just sits on the bedside table. 

April 2015 017

Mind you, the weather has turned rather warm this last week, reaching the mid 20s.  I think it may be the last hoorah though, as it is forecast to be cool again next week.

By the way, there are lots of scraps from this quilt making an appearance in Nature’s Journey.

Friday 17 April 2015

What’s Next?

Late last year, when I was browsing Pinterest, as I do, I came across a small TO DO list in a frame here.  It was a case of “keep it simple stupid”.

I have so much that I want to do – a list a mile long. It becomes somewhat overwhelming, so I end up ignoring it and not achieving much at all, if anything.

I have the best sewing space I have ever had in this little house we are in now, so thought it would be a great opportunity to try a “little” list.  Just a few things each month, so it would be achievable.  I might actually feel good about ticking them ALL off.  But I didn’t want it to be a “TO DO” list.  I wanted it to be a bit gentler than that, not so bossy sounding. But I did need boxes to put a big fat tick in when finished.

This is the simple solution I came up with.  “What’s Next?”  The frame is just a 6” x 4” frame from the $2.00 shop.  I printed out  the backing on my computer, so nothing flash at all.  It will never make it on an organising blog, but you know what, it works.

April 2015 008

It sits nicely on my chest of drawers which hold fabric.  Not too intrusive, but easy to refer to.

New Zealand 3 Feb 15 018

January actually had quite a long list.  I couldn’t share it at the time as a few of the items were still secret squirrel.  The best bit is that everything ended up with a tick against it.

New Zealand 3 Feb 15 017

We were going to be away for most of February, so it only had the one task.  March had quite a few items, and as you can see, I fell down rather badly.  Not to worry. They will go back on the big list for another time.  The missed items will eventually get done, just not yet.  We were away for a couple of weeks and priorities change.

April 2015 007

April has ended up fairly long as well.  It looks more than it is.  Some are quick, easy tasks, but they are there to keep them fresh in my mind.  Some are just a step in a project, such as the table mat hexies for our project from Nundle.  I’ll just nibble away at it over time.  Also, some more have already been ticked off since I took this photo.

April 2015 035

Chookyblue has just posted about her To Do boards.  Hers are much prettier than mine, and also quite a bit larger.  She shared the fact that she uses Liquid Chalk markers on the glass.  I will have to track some down, as I do like the look.

I’m liking my little list.  It is working for me, however, I’m sure I will tweak it over time.  I’m already thinking I need to make a spot for the month, not just add it to the top like now.  Maybe print it on pretty paper?  We’ll see.

Thursday 16 April 2015

Quick Trip North – Part 4 – The Final Instalment


We were amazed at how difficult it was to find a cafe open for Breakfast in the main street of Toowoomba on a Sunday morning, but when we did find one it was lovely.

Another clock tower was spotted.

March 2015 Trip North 143

After our brief visit to Toowoomba we continued our drive south, following the New England Highway.  We continued to enjoy the scenery of the Darling Downs.

March 2015 Trip North 149

A church spire, in Warwick.

March 2015 Trip North 157

Some stunning rock formations, the region isn’t known as the Granite Belt for nothing.

March 2015 Trip North 161

We had a brief stop at some markets at Tenterfield and bought some bulbs for the garden.  Yep, I forgot to take photos again. Doh!

Next stop was at the little town of Drinkwater, where we saw an “Antiques” sign.  It was a relatively new business and he had some great stuff.  No, we didn’t buy the Reo.

March 2015 Trip North 162

As we reached the Glen Innes area we were once again treated to wonderfully coloured trees.

March 2015 Trip North 165

We could see smoke for ages as we drove along, finally coming to the source, near Bendemeer.

March 2015 Trip North 173

Down the Moombi Hills towards Tamworth.

March 2015 Trip North 175

We had travelled from the Darling Downs to the Liverpool Plains.  Two of the best farming districts in the country.

March 2015 Trip North 178

Our destination for the night on Saturday was Gunnedah.  We have stayed here a few times and really like the town.  We usually stay at the same motel.  I’m glad I phoned ahead earlier in the day, as the “No Vacancy” sign was up when we arrived. 

March 2015 Trip North 184

I’m not sure how I came to be taking photos of clock towers along the way this trip.  Each trip seems to accidently have a theme.  In New Zealand it was pretty churches, this time clock towers.  There really were some stunners.

March 2015 Trip North 182

We are turning into creatures of habit, as we always eat at the Ex-Services Club.  The food is fabulous, as is the case in most clubs in smaller towns.

March 2015 Trip North 186


There was no need to be up and away too early on Sunday, which was a nice change. This was just a nice easy drive home over roads we are familiar with.

We were amazed at the numerous jetstreams going all over the place when we were near Tambar Springs.

March 2015 Trip North 188

The countryside was looking good near Coolah.

March 2015 Trip North 201

We did make one detour.  We have been meaning to visit “The Drip” for ages, but just haven’t been able to get there.  Now we know what facilities are there (a drop dunny) and how far it is to walk in, we will try to arrange a group of us to go over one day…….we just have to find the time to make it happen.

March 2015 Trip North 202

There were lovely, wispy clouds over Lake Windermere.  Notice how dry it is looking. 

March 2015 Trip North 210

We noticed that the closer we got to home the dryer it looked.  We desperately needed rain.

March 2015 Trip North 218

And look, while we were away the trees started to change colour here too.

March 2015 Trip North 220

So that’s it.  We travelled just over 4,000kms in ten days.  We spent time with lots of people that we wanted to see, at Nundle, Kingscliff, Rockhampton and Toowoomba.  We visited new places and enjoyed revisiting others.  The weather was good, often quite hot, with the exception of one wet afternoon.

Now we will have to settle down for a little while.  We have no holiday plans in the pipeline for some time.  Mind you, we still have plenty on our plate this year with planning building our new home.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Quick Trip North – Part 3


Rockhampton was as far north as we travelled.  However, our timing wasn’t great, as the area had been battered by Cyclone Marcia only a month earlier.  Our friends live inland from Rocky but still felt the full force.  Their house was unaffected , as it is relatively new and built to cyclone ratings, but a 40 foot container in their paddock was blown over.  Now that is some wind.

March 2015 Trip North 105

We spent Thursday playing the tourist with our own personal guide.  Having someone with you that knows the area makes such a difference.  Rather than just driving around and thinking “That’s nice” you actually get the story behind places and start to understand the area a bit.

We started out with coffee, as you do, in the old Post Office building.  Are you starting to see a trend here?

March 2015 Trip North 054

Rockhampton is one of those towns we have visited previously, but just as a quick stopover on our way somewhere else.  We have never looked around at all.  This time we travelled out to the coast.  We thought it was just one road out to Yeppoon and back, but there are a few little towns on the coast.  It was still rather scenic despite the recent cyclone.

I was initially wary of going out to Yeppoon as we didn’t want to be seen as rubber neckers.  However, it was a month since the cyclone, so much of the cleanup had taken place and the locals wanted people to visit and support their businesses.  Very similar to the Blue Mountains after a bushfire.

First stop was at Emu Park.  The poor palm trees looked a little sad.

March 2015 Trip North 057

Next we stopped at Kinka Beach.

March 2015 Trip North 060

We started to see cyclone damage.

March 2015 Trip North 069

Rosslyn Bay was rather pretty.

March 2015 Trip North 074

While in Yeppoon we got chatting to the owners of two rather tasty bikes.  As we talked we realised we had previously met – at the Classic Races at Phillip Island at the beginning of last year.  What a small world.


March 2015 Trip North 081

As we drove around we saw more of the damage caused by the cyclone.  Some houses were very badly affected, while others remained untouched.  We were unable to travel along some roads as they were closed due to land slips.  There were a few business that remained closed, mainly on the beach front, but the majority were back and open for business.

March 2015 Trip North 084

Once back in Rocky we visited Quay Street, beside the Fitzroy River.  This is in the oldest part of town and housed some rather grand buildings from years gone by.

March 2015 Trip North 086

March 2015 Trip North 090 

March 2015 Trip North 093

March 2015 Trip North 094 

March 2015 Trip North 103

The Fitzroy river looked rather peaceful in the evening light.   Hard to believe that it can flood such a large area of town, but it has a catchment larger than Tasmania, so can be quite a force.

March 2015 Trip North 096

We really enjoyed having a better look around this part of the world as it is not an area we get to very often.


After we said our goodbyes it  was time to turn around and head back south.  Friday was our longest drive, travelling over 700kms.  We headed inland towards Mount Morgan.  We marvelled at how lush the grass was everywhere, considering it had been really dry not all that long ago.

March 2015 Trip North 108

Mind you that lush grass came at a price.  There was lots of flood damage at each river.  Quite a lot of water had been around.  Here’s  hoping it sets them up for a good season for a change.

March 2015 Trip North 112

As we had so far to travel, Friday was not a day to stop and sight see.  It was to look out the car window and soak up the scenery as we went along.

March 2015 Trip North 113

You imagine this part of the world being flat grassland, but quite a bit was heavily timbered.

March 2015 Trip North 117

We had lunch in Mundubbera, a town I spent quite a few school holidays in.  I forgot to take any photos.  I was too busy reminiscing and noticing the changes over the last 35 years or so.

I always love trying to spot bottle trees in this part of the world.  We saw a few and loved this little roadside park in the middle of nowhere planted entirely with bottle trees.

March 2015 Trip North 123

Such lovely big wide skies.

March 2015 Trip North 133

There always has to be a photo of a windmill.

March 2015 Trip North 134

The landscape changed again as we reached the Darling Downs near Dalby.

A milo crop (I think).

March 2015 Trip North 135

Cotton, looking like it is about ready to harvest.

March 2015 Trip North 139

Coal trains are rather common in Queensland these days.

March 2015 Trip North 140

As are large trucks.  Mind you, we saw very few road trains on this trip, mainly B-doubles.

March 2015 Trip North 142

And then we reached our destination for the day, Toowoomba, where we were able to have a brief visit with some of my family, which was thoroughly enjoyable.

More to follow.