Monday, 30 December 2019


I've been involved in a few little swaps lately, but haven't shown any details.  It is about time I did!

Firstly, back in October (nothing like being timely), when Lou and Tony visited, Lou and I did a little swap.  

I gave her the Aussie Table runner that I shared back here, along with a couple of other bits and bobs I forgot to photograph.  Lou shared them on this post.

Lou brought some little gifties for me too.

A beautiful caravan stitchery.  I keep pinning this style of project, but have never made any.  I have the perfect place to hang it.  The caravan themed tea towel is beaut too.  Especially as one of the pictured vans is orange.  You have to love an orange caravan.......not that I am biased or anything.

Then, after I sent a tea towel to Jenny in NZ, I also sent one to June, as she admired it, and it would go very nicely in her caravan for Christmas.

I was delighted to receive a return envelope in the post.

How beautiful is that!  I have found the perfect place for it in my sewing room.  Thanks heaps June.  It was totally unnecessary, but lovely just the same.

Now onto Christmas......

Lou and  I have swapped gifts for quite some years now.  There are quite a few of her hand made ornaments on my tree.

I didn't have too much trouble deciding on a project this time, as while they were visiting, she commented how much she liked a certain hanger in the Natalie Bird Blue Book.

I really enjoyed making this one.  Lou loves blues, and I found a nice little selection.

Here is the complete group of gifts. I had to add one of Mum's crocheted hand towels and a little ornament. Unfortunately, it didn't quite arrive in time for Christmas, but then, there was another gift to open after the big day.

Lou's gift also got caught up in the mail, so I too had a nice gift to open after the big day.

Another caravan themed gift.  We love it!  We definitely are "Happy Campers". That will definitely get hung up in the van.  And, of course, another beautiful hand made Christmas tree ornament.  The fabrics are gorgeous.  I made similar ones back in the mid 80s.  What a difference the fabric makes.  Thanks heaps Lou.

And that is about it.

It has been fun over the last few months being involved in these little swaps.

As tomorrow is the last day of the month, year, and decade, I will do my final check in with December's makings.  Yes, as of a couple of hours ago I have achieved my goals.


Maria said...

All the gifts both sent and received are lovely....
I also have the gorgeous blue wall hanging you made for Lou that I received in the last SSCS..
Love all your caravan themed gifts from Lou....

Fiona said...

lovely swapsies gifts.... hand made are so precious....
All the best for 2020.... may there be lots of stitching

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Raewyn said...

Gift swapping is so much fun - Beautiful gifts all round.

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