Saturday, 2 July 2011

ABC Tour – Captain Cook, Cliffs, Chicks


After yesterday’s heat today was much cooler, only reaching 13 degrees.  There was only once short shower, so it was a good day for exploring Whitby.  There are lots of little lanes.  Pier Lane was a handy little short cut down the steep hill.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 008

A famous feature of the town is the “199 Steps” which go from the harbour up to St Mary’s Parish Church near the Abbey.  This would not have been fun in the heat, but was no drama in the cool.  Whoever designed these steps got them just right.  They are not too high or deep, so very easy to walk up.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 018

The view back over the harbour was lovely.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 031

St Mary’s Church has a wonderful vantage point.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 041

The church is unusual in that it still has the Georgian box pews.  The interior is quite cluttered compared to most churches.  A really interesting place to visit.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 121

Then it was on to the Abbey.  Like so many others, it was destroyed ages ago.  There is evidence of a monastery on this site dating back to 657AD.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 061

What a view.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 076

Then it was back down the 199 steps (easy peasy) to more recent history.  This house (not the best photo) was where Captain Cook lived and worked while completing his apprenticeship.  A very informative museum.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 144

We also just explored the town.  It is a maze of interesting shops and places to eat.  I stumbled upon this little beauty.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 155

An Aladdin’s Cave of fabric.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 154

The town is touristy, with lots geared up for children, but it is not at all glitzy.  Somewhere we have really enjoyed visiting.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 010

Once we climbed back up to the top of the cliff we came across this statue of Captain Cook, looking out to sea, with friend sitting on his head.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 158

A Steam Bus takes tourist on a guided tour of the town, but we didn’t have time to partake.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 166

Back down the cliff, we did find time to go on a half hour tour on this old lifeboat.  It saw service at Whitby from 1938 to 1974.  When it was built it cost 6500 pounds.  To put that in perspective, an average house at that time cost 400 pounds, and the spitfire aircraft cost 5500 pounds when they were first built.  The current lifeboat cost 1.4 million pounds 15 years ago, so they are still a very expensive item.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 170

While we headed out to sea, we encountered this 40% scale model of The Endeavour, which also does tours.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 192

We went out a little way to sea before turning around and coming back.  It was a calm day, but was still quite choppy in the lifeboat.  I cannot imagine what it must be like going out in the rough weather to attend to vessels in distress.  Can you see the whale rock formation?

MH Day in Whitby 059

We had to take a happy snap of us.

MH Day in Whitby 067

Next we walked out to the end of the pier.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 227

Before walking along the lovely sandy beach at low tide.

MH Day in Whitby 083

There are loads of colourful beach huts.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 326

After all that walking, we enjoyed a lovely dinner by the harbour and to finish the day off, the sun decided to put in an appearance and make everything beautiful.

JH 28 Jun Whitby 337

Now, my reference to “Chicks”….. There are heaps of baby seagulls at the moment.  They are on chimneys, in gutters and some even nest in natural places like cliff ledges. 

MH Falkirk to Whitby 043

There is so much to see and do here that we have decided to stay another day.

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