Thursday, 7 July 2011

ABC Tour – City Tour & Congestion


Tuesday was our day of exploring London on a big bus.  You travel around the city and can hop on and off at different points.

JH 5-6 Jul London 007

We took in all the famous sights.  Big Ben.

JH 5-6 Jul London 060

The Houses of Parliament.

JH 5-6 Jul London 067

St Paul’s dome is such an important part of the skyline.

JH 5-6 Jul London 102

Over the Tower Bridge.

JH 5-6 Jul London 126

The wonderful view from where we had our picnic lunch.

JH 5-6 Jul London 142

We then went on the river cruise part of the tour.  The Tower of London.

JH 5-6 Jul London 150

A tour ship was visiting in the Thames.

JH 5-6 Jul London 154

Of course the London Eye is the new major item on the skyline.

JH 5-6 Jul London 195

Westminster Abbey.

JH 5-6 Jul London 209

Then we went for a walk past the Marble Arch.

JH 5-6 Jul London 217

This morning we went to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The main exhibitions I wanted to see were the Textiles and Furniture.  Well the Textiles section is currently closed and being moved to a new site and won’t reopen until 2013.  The furniture section is closed until 2012.  Oh well, nothing we can do about it.

JH 5-6 Jul London 233

Next stop was Harrods.  The toy department was fun to visit.  Rather flash toys.

JH 5-6 Jul London 244

The interiors are spectacular.

JH 5-6 Jul London 240

Then we visited Liberty.

JH 5-6 Jul London 284

The famous Carnaby Street.

JH 5-6 Jul London 274

Mick hates crowds.  He was very brave to face this.

JH 5-6 Jul London 270

Today is the last day of our time in England.  It has been a fantastic eight weeks.  Tomorrow we catch the train to Paris. 


loulee said...

Bon Voyage. Enjoy Europe.

Kate said...

I loved the open bus tour - but nearly gave myself pneumonia riding up the top in the middle of winter.
Enjoy your time in france!

splodge said...

we have realy enjoyed your blog over the last few weeks,enjoyed your company on the tortoise run hope to see you again next time
very best wishes, Mike the spanners and wrinkly Rog.

Jewells said...

Oh how I wish I was with you, but I am reliving my trip thru your pictures and words...LOVING every entry of your trip...cheers!