Friday 22 May 2009

Ready to Go

We're all ready to go. The bags are packed and by the door (I wanted to post a photo, but the camera cord is packed).

The chooks have been delivered to a neighbour to mind and Biggles, Joey and Felix are at a Kennels. It is a new small enterprise and they are the only ones there, so should get lots of attention.

I have the next three blocks of the Verandah Views BOM traced and ready to stitch while I'm away.

We have both got everything as up to date as possible at work.

My froggy is all wrapped up in froggy paper to go the Seth tomorrow. I'm sorry to see him go. I think Seth should have fun with him and I think I may have to just make another one for me:>)

We can't wait to be on that plane doing NOTHING!!!

The weather on Sunday in London is to be sunny and 20 degrees (we have to get from Heathrow to Gatwick) and the Isle of Man sunny and 11 degrees, so it ends up not being much different to here. The Aussie dollar is good as well.

Life is about perfect!

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Four More Sleeps - But Who's Counting?

Me! That’s who! Am I excited? You bet!

We fly out to the Isle of Man on Sunday. I think I have things under control at work, so the next few days shouldn’t be too bad. Mick is still flat out with his work but is taking Friday off to take pets to the kennels etc.

The bags are packed, but there still seems to be lots of loose ends to finish off at home before we go, but I’m sure it will all be done in time.

Mick spoke to his mate in Castletown on the phone this morning, so he has someone to share his 50th birthday with at the pub. I'm looking forward to meeting Manxgirl.

In the mean time, on Sunday there was a rededication of a war memorial in Bathurst which was destroyed by an act of silliness 12 months ago. It has now been rebuilt. I remember being at the unveiling of the original in 1970 when I was 5 as this was for the army division that my Dad was in. There were just a few old diggers there this time, but generally a good roll up. That's my Dad on the right.

On Saturday I went to my patchwork group and finished crocheting my ripple scarf. I just need to put the fringe on. With a bit of luck, I might even get it done before we go away…..I’ll see how I go.

One of the ladies had a lovely little scarf on. It looked terrific on her and I thought I might just make one to take away if it gets a bit cool, sitting watching bikes racing. Pat’s was in a pink, but I thought I’d make mine in brown.

It was knitted with a yarn which had ribbon through it.

It was just 12 stitches, knitted on 10mm needles until the ball of yarn ran out. Then it was stitched together into a ring, but with one twist in it.

I made it in just over an hour and it cost $4.00. Very happy.

I have also bought a ball of the yarn in black/grey/silver and will make another version.

Sorry about the poor photos, but they were taken at night.

Blogging might be a bit light on for a while now (unless I finish my scarf for May).

Hopefully, I’ll occasionally pop into the local Castletown Library and make a quick post.

Friday 15 May 2009

2 Down 7 To Go

We had a bit of a scare with our cat “Joey” the day before yesterday.

When I went to feed all the pets in the morning he was sort of dragging his back end – not good. So, I bundled him into the car and took him to the vet. What could cause him to be like this? Snake bite!!! Yes, in May!!! We have still been having some nice warm days, so the snakes must still be around. The silly thing is that we didn’t see any snakes through the summer this year.

Joey is one very lucky boy. Because we treated him so soon, he was able to come home yesterday evening. I was amazed at how quickly he recovered. He is now back to his old self.

This is our third encounter with pets and snakes - horrid things. Our first dog, “Buster” died from snake bite when he was only 2. Dogs die very quickly, and we are half an hour from a vet. Our old cat “Elsie” was bitten when she was 9 and proceeded to live to nearly 17. Cats go into shutdown mode by slowing down their metabolism, which gives them a much greater chance of survival.

Mr Rudd’s Tax Bonus cheque arrived in the mail earlier this week, so he just paid for the vet!

This is Joey’s second life….. and he is only eighteen months old! He was one sick kitten at the beginning of the year with an abscess on his leg due to being beaten up by a feral tom.

Monday 11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day and a Finish

Yesterday was Mother's Day so I finally was able to give Mum her sewing machine cover that I made back in March..... which was supposed to be her birthday present back in October..... and then was to be her Christmas present....... but I suppose all good things come to those who wait!

Fortunately, it fit her machine....lucky that:>)

So here it is, in my Mum's creative space. It is amazing what comes out of this little room. My Mum is one of those old fashioned ladies who never throws anything out, and uses whatever fabric/wool/trims she has in her craft.

In the 50's Mum taught dressmaking at Technical Colleges. She gave up her career when she married in the early 60's. When Mum and Dad bought their house they went to a clearing sale and bought 2 old tables for 5 shillings each - one for Dad's shed, and one for Mum's sewing room. You can see the corner here. It has turned legs, which are nicked and dinged, it is painted gloss white and has old lino on the top - perfect for using a tracing wheel when dressmaking. It is not too high, which is good, as neither is Mum! It will seat 10.

If you get down on the floor and look up under it though, it is actually solid Australian cedar. If it was done up it would be worth heaps, but Mum won't let anyone touch it, as it is just perfect for her the way it is.

Mum doesn't do much dressmaking now, but she is a member of a local community craft shop and is always making some little thing for the shop....vyella baby jackets, embroidered bibs and baby singlets, knitted toys, rugs, beanies and gloves, cross stitch book marks and tea towel edges, you name it, she has probably made it... she is somewhat proficient in most traditional crafts...but I can't really get her interested in patchwork.

As you can gather, she has been the one to teach me pretty much all I know. Unfortunately, I don't do nearly as much as I like and my dressmaking skills are very rusty.

But.... I have just made this little fellow.

He was on the front cover of a recent Handmade magazine and really caught my eye. There was no point in making him as what would I do with him?

Enter Seth! Seth is a little friend and he is having a 1st birthday party on the day we fly out to the Isle of Man, so I can't go:(. He is the perfect reason to make the little frog.

I am so pleased with the way he turned out. He seems to be sitting beside me most of the time at present. He is soft and squishy and his legs and arms move, so is lovely to play with. I think Seth should enjoy him. Mick says I should name him, but I can't think of anything except "Fred". (I seem to call lots of things "Fred".)

And most importantly, he is my May finish. I don't think I will have time now to do much more.

Sunday 10 May 2009

I love Watching Rep Footy

I A Bit of Background:
- We don’t have a television.
- I couldn’t really care less about the footy.
- Mick likes to listen to the game on Friday and Saturday nights, so I have a basic understanding of the game and the season’s progress.
- We are talking about Rugby League here.


- Mick, his Dad and I have our own little Footy Tipping Competition. The loser has to take the others out to dinner….ie. any excuse to go out for a feed. So far, it looks like Mick is paying.

- I love rep footy games (internationals, state of origin, etc.) because:

Ø We go into Mick’s Dad’s to watch the game, picking up pizza on the way;
Ø Mick and his Dad get to watch the game together, with Mick getting quite animated whenever his team scores or there is a bad referee’s decision, etc., which is quite entertaining; and
Ø Best of all, I tuck myself up at the end of the lounge, and in the time it takes for a footy match to play out, I can crochet the top of a hand towel, or knit the best part of a square for Wraps With Love, or on Friday night I got lots of scarf crocheted. The only problem was that I only took one ball of yarn with me and ran out 10 minutes before full time, so I had to actually watch some footy.
Ø By the way, the Aussies beat the Kiwis 36-10 in the Anzac Test on Friday night, so all’s good.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

My Lovely Cushion Arrived

Australia Post took a while, but my beautiful cushion arrived safe and sound today.

The lovely Beth from Highland Hen created my lovely gift.

The parcel also included some red ric rac, and I love ric rac. There was also a lavender scented heart hanger in the most delightful fabric. I know just where that will go. And, to finish it off, there was a packet of fabric reproduction labels.

I think the cushion has found a home on my Grandma’s chair in our lounge room.

Now, I don’t know how Beth knew that I like old labels, but I thought I’d better show you my framed collection of old soft drink labels that are in our kitchen. Beth has done well.

Thank you so very much for such a wonderful gift, and thanks to Maree for arranging this great swap.

Check out Maree’s new Paper Bag Swap. I’d love to take part in this one, but unfortunately we don’t get back from our holiday in time. Oh well, maybe next time.

Saturday 2 May 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...And Other Stuff

It seems that there is a mass exodus from here to the northern hemisphere at the moment. So many people we know are headed off on holidays. Most importantly, our friends Norm and Cath set off on Wednesday for their trip. We will next see them in 5 weeks on the Isle of Man!!!

Yes, it is only 3 weeks today until we fly out to spend 3 weeks on the Isle of Man, with Norm and Cath joining us for the last 10 days. We will spend a week playing the tourist and then watch motorcycle racing for 2 weeks. I also get to meet Lou from Manxgirl, which I'm looking forward to.

It was Mick's wish to go to the IoM TT races again for his 50th birthday, instead of a party, and we arrive on his birthday. He will have a really long birthday as we will go through so many time zones on that day. There won't be much celebrating though, as we will be too tired, having been up for about 48 hours by the time we get there. It will probably just be a pint of Guinness at the Glue Pot and then to bed.

It will be upon us in no time. I think I will have to do some organising soon!!!

On another note, the mystery of the wood fairy from a week ago was revealed. Yes, it was my dad's birthday present to Mick. Picture this...... my 90 year old dad organises a load of wood to be delivered to their house in town, presumably just dumped on the ground.......he then proceeds to load it all into his box trailer...... then he and my nearly 80 year old mother drive out to our place.......and proceed to unload it and stack it all very neatly in our woodshed!!! By the way, this is not just small pieces of wood, but ironbark railway sleepers cut into foot long pieces....seriously heavy stuff. This was all done 3 weeks before I noticed it - it just wasn't cold enough to light the fire. They are amazing, but I wish they would start to take things a little easier.

On the crafting front, I went to Spotlight on Thursday to buy a bigger crochet hook and came home with this...

I just liked the colours. It is a blend of corn and acrylic and is destined to be a scarf (but not a reeeeeaally wide one:>) I am using Lucy's Neat Ripple pattern which I will use on my ripple cushion. This is a good practice run. Even though the pattern lends itself to stripes, it is still defined enough with this yarn.

It is working up fairly quickly, so will be a good project to take along to my patchwork group this afternoon.