Wednesday 30 June 2021

End of Month Wrap Up for June

Time once again to do the monthly wrap up.  I covered just about everything in my Mid Month Catch Up. Due to our little trip north, not much more took place.

This is what I achieved:

My goal was to complete all the blocks in the Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery Quilt.  Happily, they are all here, ready to put together into a quilt top.  It doesn't look much for the amount of work involved.

Pop over here and see what the other ladies got up to.

My plan was to make bibs from a couple of pre printed panels I found hiding in one of my fabric drawers.  There was enough for sixteen bibs, but I have only made eight so far.  They aren't quite finished, still needing their snaps attached. I think they are rather cute.

Pop over here and see what the other ladies got up to.

Firstly, I have to announce that I was the lucky winner of Kris' random prize draw last month and received one of her cute patterns.  How fortunate am I!  Thanks Kris.

Now, onto this month.  I thought I would have loads of finishes with all those bibs, but that will be next month.......I hope.
In the end I made something totally unplanned.  I had this fun pencil fabric in the stash, so decided to finally make a couple of pencil cases.  I still have more fabric, so will make some more shortly.  I just have to be in the mood to deal with the zippers.  As it is, I made one with a over long zip and silly me cut the end off .......... including the zipper pull. Doh!  No worries.  I will rework it.

That's the only finishes this month, but better than nothing.


Fail!  I just didn't feel like hand stitching.  No other excuse.  However, Chookyblue is having a Zoom get together on Saturday, so there is a fair chance my stitcheries may make an appearance then.

I did join in, prepping blocks for the Mystery Quilt.  Now that the footy is back on the tele it is easier to play along.

I posted this photo in my mid month review.  I have completed one ball of wool and purchased a second.  No, I haven't worked on this at all since my last mention of it, although it has progressed from the stage in the photo quite a bit.  Hopefully, this will also make an appearance on Saturday during the Zoom get together.

As I shared in the mid month post, I had completed the five blocks I hoped to do.  Since then I have completed and trimmed the flying geese sections of the last five blocks.  It is getting closer.

So, there you go.  Not a complete success, but not too bad, considering we were away for a few days.  I'm satisfied with what I achieved.  I know I say it every month, but joining in on the little challenges really gives me the incentive to get things done.  Now to decide what to work on next month.


loulee said...

Lots of progress as always.
Joey does loo comfortable in your lap.

Maria said...

Yes you did achieve a lot and I love those bright pencil cases.
How annoying cutting the zipper . they are not my favorite things to do either.....

Fiona said...

Lots of lovely projects on the go... I love when you do a stocktake... then I realise I am not the only one with so many different things on the go!

Jenny said...

Always nice to see what you have been getting up to each month.

kiwikid said...

You have done well considering what a busy month it has been. Love the pencil case fabric, zips are a challenge aren't they.

Cheryll said...

You accomplished your WOOFA goal as well as others this month... so CoNGRaTs.
Fingers crossed I'll see you on Saturday...xox

Patty said...

Love the pile of blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

dq said...

Super cute bibs!!!
Your One MOnthly goal so neatly stacked looks like quite a bit of work to me!

Vireya said...

Fantastic pencil case fabric! The bibs are very cute. Have fun assembling the Laundry Basket quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing them all together.

Susie H said...

I totally agree with you -- these incentives are highly motivational. Love the bibs and that pencil case used that fabric perfectly!