Tuesday 31 May 2016

Can You Believe It - Another Finish

Chookyblue is having a Chookshed Birthday Party this coming weekend.  Of course I will have to join the virtual party.

I told Chooky what I intended to work on - binding a quilt.

On Sunday afternoon I decided to get a head start and attach the binding to the quilt by machine, ready to just do the hand stitching.

Then I decided I'd just make a bit of a start......and ended up stitching two sides of the quilt before my eyes decided they'd had enough and gave me a dizzy headache.

Now I started to think of another goal....

Yesterday I took the quilt to work and managed to stitch another side down during my lunch break.  You can see where this is going...... Today I stitched down the final side in my lunch break.

So.......Ta Da!

My Nature's Journey is finished.

I had the top finished in September, right on track.  My friend Val quilted it in October and it has taken me until now to finish it off.  I had cut out the binding from the same chocolate fabric as the inner border, but could only find half of it after our move.  I searched the stash and came up with a civil war reproduction brown and cream striped fabric, so decided to use it.  If anything it was a better fit for the border, the chocolate may have been too dark.....then of course I found the rest of the original fabric.  I'm glad I went with the stripe.  The only fabric I bought especially for this quilt was a wide back for the backing.  Everything else was from stash, and much was from scraps, not that it has made any impression in the mountain of fabric I have.

It is also my first finish for my new sewing room.  Got to be happy with that.

Now I will have to find something else to work on for the weekend.  I think there may be one or two projects lurking in there.

Finally a Finish

Since we moved to our new house any crafting has taken a back seat.  We were doing other things, or there was just no motivation.

Finally, I have finished something.  Mind you, this had become more of a UFO that a WIP.

Back on the last weekend in May last year - yes, one year ago this week - we attended the Wool Muster held here in Bathurst and I purchased some rather lovely wool........just because it was pretty.

I started knitting it into a cowl, using a very simple 4/4 rib, so that the wool would be the feature, but got distracted before it was finished.....Very short attention span.

I finished knitting it last year and all it needed was to have the ends sewn together.

Since Christmas it has been hiding in the lovely knitting bag that Oddsbjorg sent to me in the Secret Santa Christmas Swap.

The weather has now turned cold, so it was time to finish it off.  It must have taken me all of about 15 minutes.  Huge job.

I gave it its maiden outing on Sunday and it did the trick.  I can see me wearing it lots, now that it is finished.