Friday 17 July 2015

Wow! Snow!

When I opened the curtains this morning I was greeted by a blanket of white.

July 2015 Snow 076

Bathurst doesn’t usually get snow, other than the slightest bit of sleet.

July 2015 Snow 065

The last time I remember snow like this in town was in 1974 when we made a little snow man at school.

July 2015 Snow 082

That’s real snow.

July 2015 Snow 085

July 2015 Snow 063

Joey was sensible and watched it all from inside, mind you, it isn’t nearly as cold as most mornings.

July 2015 Snow 074

Here he is perched on the windowsill.

July 2015 Snow 097

This is what he was looking out on.  Mt Panorama blanketed in the white stuff.  There is a big multi million dollar Mercedes Benz week taking place at the moment.  They haven’t exactly had the ideal weather conditions for it.

July 2015 Snow 102

Everything was looking rather pristine until Mick decided to take a walk along the path.

July 2015 Snow 072

Here is the front of the house, showing just how lovely and snowy everything looks.

July 2015 Snow 108

Our new little garden will be getting a good gentle watering.

July 2015 Snow 115

Of course, as you can imagine, Mick was throwing some snow balls at the kids next door and made a little teeny snowman, complete with tie. Isn’t he a cutie.  No, Mick refused to have his photo taken with it, complaining that he was now too cold.

July 2015 Snow 112

It is now trying to rain, so I dare say the snow won’t last all that long.  The whole central tablelands are covered in snow, so I dare say there will be quite a few disruptions around the place, with so many roads closed. 

Funnily enough, this would have been our first ever snow day if we still lived out of town.  No such luck now.