Monday, 4 July 2011

ABC Tour – Cantankerous Cycle


Today was to be relatively relaxed, wash the bike and some clothes and sort out what goes home and what stays.

Mick dropped me off at the laundromat and then went to wash the bike.  He would collect me in an hour or so.  Washing done, I waited….. and waited.  After two hours I started to think that something was wrong.  I waited.  Eventually, I borrowed a man’s mobile phone, but of course, Mick’s didn’t have his with him.  I called the B & B, no they hadn’t seen him.  I waited.  The man with the phone left, but after a while came back.  He had gone down to the car wash and found Mick.  The bike won’t start, would I like a lift to the B & B.  Yes please.  Nice man.

I had been in quite a bind, as I had three bags of washing plus my bike helmet, so too much to carry home.  The laundromat is in a residential area and I had no way of calling a cab.

After he dropped me off, I went to the car wash (only about 100 metres from the B & B) and found Mick.  There is only one car wash and they use a high pressure hose.  Mick specifically requested that they don’t wash up under the bike with high pressure, so they promptly did!!!!!  Mind you, they didn’t do under the mud guards without being prompted.

Of course, now water was where it shouldn’t be and Olga wouldn’t start.  He tried to dry it all out but we ended up pushing her back to the B & B.  This afternoon she has started, but won’t run.  We’ll see what happens in the morning.  She may go that final mile under tow.  Such is life.  Poor Olga.


rozhearts said...

Hope Olga recovers such a shame when she has been going so well on all of your travels still she can't be blamed certainly no fault of her own.
What stories you are going to be able to tell on your return home. I for one have so enjoyed your journeys and looking at all your beautiful photos.
(((HUGS))) Roz.

Tracy said...

I think Olga wants you to stay forever.
Your lovely travel tales and pictures have me inspired to save my pennies for a trip when the kids are older.

loulee said...

Oh my goodness. That would have freaked me out.
I hope Olga behaved herself after she dried out and all is well again.