Monday 22 April 2019

Scrub Stitchin' - Part 3 - It's Not Just About the Stitching

There's more to Scrub Stitchin' than stitching.

There are other important factors too........ like food.

On two mornings we were treated to hot, freshly made scones by Chooky's mum.  A quick trip up the street for a coffee and all set to go.  Mmmmmm Mmmmmm!

On Saturday night we had a themed dinner.  Last year it was "Pink", this year it was "Bling".

We were all kicked out of the hall to get blinged up and, once we were permitted to return, this is what greeted us.  So beautiful.

This group really got in the spirit of things.  I knew that Deb and Annette would dress to impress and they didn't let us down.

Miss Jules and I were rather understated, by comparison.

Peta won "Best Bling Dress" by a country mile.

While we were dressed up for our event, another event was taking place in Baradine.  It was quite the social centre on Saturday night.

The local debutante ball took place and the debs and their partners were having their photos taken just out the back of Camp Cypress.  Some of us went for a sneak peek. They all looked gorgeous.  

Lea was our own tractor pin up girl.

Each year Chooky organises a mystery event for us.  Last year it was a visit to Dandry Gorge in the Pilliga Scrub.  This year we stayed closer to home and the mystery came to us.

It's a poor photo, but this is a rather flash telescope.  The night sky is particularly spectacular out this way and just down the road is Siding Springs Observatory. "Donna the Astronamer" visited and taught us much about the observatory  and the night sky.  The moon looked rather impressive through the telescope.  It is interesting to have someone explain what we see in the night sky.  Thanks to Chooky and Donna for an interesting mystery.  I wonder what Chooky will come up with next year?

In the days leading up to Scrub Stitchin', Sonia told us a little about the Baradine Drought Aid Pantry run by the CWA and requested we provide some donated supplies or cash.

Chooky's mum, who is quite involved, told us all about it and on Saturday we took our donations along and visited the CWA hall.


The CWA can't hold their meeting in their hall any longer, as it now looks like a supermarket.

The stats are rather telling.  The landscape may look green at the moment, but it is mostly burrs and it will be quite some time before the farmers start to earn any income.  The drought is definitely not over out here.

They have a great little Facebook page and there was an interesting article recently in the Daily Telegraph.  It is worth popping over to have a look at them.

Of course, no retreat would be complete without a little swap.

This time I made a covered coat hanger and added a couple of bits and bobs.  How fun is the needle case that looks like a lip stick that I found on our recent visit to Cowra.

Mum always says that "Nice things come in small packages".  This was certainly true, as my swap gift was a packet of forked pins for holding seam allowances in place.  It was the perfect gift, as it was something I had been thinking of buying for all the fiddly seams on Splendid Sampler. There was also a few lucky door prizes and I was fortunate to be the winner of a ruler stand.  Very handy for the cutting table.  Thanks girls.

Looking back at this, we certainly packed in a lot on our few days.  So much fun


Jenny said...

Such fun at the retreat. The Bling dinner must have been a hoot too.

kiwikid said...

Wonderful photo of you and Miss Jules, loads of internal bling there!! The table looked great didn't it?? The food pantry certainly was eye opening. Shame I missed the deb girls, saw one but missed the group, Lea makes a beautiful tractor pin up girl 😊😊😊 the weekend was such a fun time.

Chookyblue...... said...

So pleased you enjoyed all the extra activities......

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