Sunday 30 April 2023

End of Month Stitching Round Up

This last month has passed in a whirl, but I do actually have some stitching to share.

I’ll start with my One Monthly Goal.
My goal was to complete the Moda Love quilt top, made with these lovely fabrics I’ve had for nearly ten years.  It is a lot brighter than my usual makes, but works so well with the design.
Despite having to cut short my time with the group at Scrub Stitching, I had all but the last narrow border completed.  Once Lou and Tony returned home it was time to get everything out and start stitching.  I’m really happy with how this has turned out.  The finished size is 76 inches square.  I had hoped to have it quilted and bound by now, but that didn’t end up happening.  That’s a story for another day.
The Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for April was purple.  I had hoped to complete my blocks at Scrub Stitchin’, but that also happened when we returned home, just a couple of days ago, but better late than never, and I still snuck them into the current month.  I’m looking forward to playing with orange in May.
I shared my coat hanger that I made for the Scrub Stitchin’ swap.  I really enjoy making these EPP coat hanger covers every now and then.  Blue seems to be my go to colour.

Each year I try to enter some items in the local show, as they seem to get very few entries these days.  I had entered a “Machine pieced quilt, machine or hand quilted, all own work”.  That was going to be the Moda Love.  As I had already completed the entry form, I thought I had better quilt something.

My choice was my Churn Dash quilt.  My original plan was to wait until I was quite a bit more confident before I quilted this one, but needs must.
At 78 inches square, it was quite a jump from the cot quilts I had previously quilted.  I really like this free pantograph from Urban Elementz.  It is a nice scale and is detailed without being too flowery.
Anyway, after a full afternoon and evening of quilting it was time to spend a day sitting outside in the sun to stitch down the binding.
All done, and I made it to the showground on time.
I had to see how it looked on our bed.  I think the boys approve.  I must tell you about the boys one day.  They are rather special.
At last,  I finished my knitted scarf/shawl.  It could have been completed ages ago, but it was a nice project to pick up and just knit a couple of rows every now and then and was great to meet my 15 minutes a day challenge.
I was able to join in with a Zoom session of the Chookshed Stitchers yesterday afternoon.
While we chatted away I completed the final two of my Dresden fans for the Blue Quilt.  That is the 32 completed.  Now that all my EPP sections have been stitched it is time to work on my machine applique.
The final finish I have to share was actually completed back in early February, but as it was a gift for Lou, I had to keep it under wraps.  Lou has a delightful cat named “Belle”, who hops into a box any chance she gets.  When I saw this wall hanging pattern I knew I had to make it.  It is by far the most detailed foundation paper piecing project I have ever made and it was a lot of fun.

So, for a rather busy month, with very few goals, I do seem to have achieved quite a bit.
Now for my 15 minute a day stats, that have been ticking away in the background…..

15 minutes day/week = 5/7
15 minutes day/April = 23/30
15 minutes day/ 2023 = 109/120
Success rate = 90.83%

A bit down on what I would have liked, but there were days that were just too busy and social for stitching and days I just plain didn’t feel like it.

My go to projects for some quick stitching were my EPP for the Blue Quilt and my knitting.  Now that they are both completed I have to plan something else to easily pick up and be suitable to take to my stitching mornings, where I am only taking hand work.  Time to put the thinking hat on.

Pop over to the links to see what the other challenge participants are up to.  I do enjoy participating and appreciate the work the ladies do to keep them ticking over.

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Scrub Stitchin’ - Part 3

Sadly, from Friday I didn’t get to participate very much in the event, but was still very much included. More borrowed photos in this post.

Saturday is usually the big day, but this year was brought forward to Friday.  
Firstly, the official group photo.  I am there, just tucked so well over the back that I can’t be seen.
Then all the girls that join in with the Chookshed Stitchers Zoom sewing sessions. Isn’t it amazing that we can all stitch and chat together and now so many of us actually be together.

Then it was show and tell.  I love show and tell, so was able to watch from the back door.  I’ll just put a couple up here.  My quilts were obviously held up by others.
I took my Trail Mix along, as Deana together with Holly from Canada were the ladies who inspired me to make it.  Gail has now made a version too.
Here is where I was up to with my Moda Love.  It turned out just how I had hoped. Still that final little border to be added.
As part of Chooky’s quilt along I made the Churn Dash top last year.  Still to be quilted.
There were other Churn Dash quilts on show as well.  Here they all are together.  I love that there is such a variety of interpretations to this block, its layout and the colours.
Jo shared her two Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts that Judy returned to her after quilting.  
There is so much piecing in these.  Stunning.  Now Jo has the task of binding them, and they are rather large.
Di shared a beautiful quilt she has recently gifted.
The masterpiece of the day was Maureen’s.  So much needle turn applique. It is absolutely beautiful and I love the background fabrics which make it rather unusual.  I really take my hat off to her. 
The other masterpiece on display was Sylvia’s quilt that was hanging on the wall.  Also with lots of appliqué and hand work.  You can see it hanging on the wall behind Lou’s shoulder in this photo of Lou and Raelene. 
Not part of show and tell at the time, but Lou’s achievement over the weekend to piece most of her Tula Pink Anchor quilt was fantastic.  I love it in the muted tones.  They really suit the design.
That evening was the main dinner, where the theme was “What Australia Means to Me”.  
I believe there were some rather creative outfits and the room was nicely decorated.
I had my dinner over at the van, sitting under the awning in the beautiful evening.  I still made the most of it.  Miranda had kindly brought over a small vase of flowers for the table.  I had been planning to dress up as a swaggy, and rather felt like one, as I went to the kitchen door to receive my dinner to take back to the van.
After dinner there was the “Make It, Bake It, Fake It” gift swap.  I had made an EPP coathanger cover.
It went to Gail.
I had been given my gift in the afternoon.
Once it was opened it became apparent that it came from Raewyn.  The chocolate fish was a dead giveaway.  Thanks Raewyn.  This will be such a handy little pouch to take to my stitching days, with all its little pockets.  I love the fabric, which just happens to suit my sewing room.

Saturday, saw me continue to remain over at the van, doing a little bit of EPP and knitting, but generally just relaxing in the sun.  Several of the girls popped over to visit, at a distance, which was lovely.
Sylvia popped over and gave me this cute snail pincushion.  
Mick cooked some corned silverside in the camp oven that night, which was really tasty.

Sadly, others succumbed to COVID as well and started to head home on Saturday.  We headed off on Sunday morning, Mick and I in the ute and Lou and Tony in my car.

It wasn’t how I had hoped to spend my time at Scrub Stitchin’, but it was still a fantastic event.  Chooky has to be congratulated on all her hard work and handling the unexpected without any fuss.  The highlight was, of course, having the international girls attend and subsequently some Aussie girls attend, that may not otherwise have.  We had participants from New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.  Not a bad effort for little Baradine, who most people haven’t heard of or don’t know where it is.

I can’t wait till 2024, under better circumstances.

Scrub Stitchin’ - Part 2

Thursday was our first full day of chatting, stitching, eating……

Firstly, it was time to see what was in those spotty bags on the tables.
Lots of lovely goodies.  This year there was an Australiana theme to everything.  Of course there was our mug for the weekend.  This time Australian native flowers.   Mine has a Waratah.  There were some chocolates, a calico bag with Scrub Stitchin’ 2023 on one side and on the other side is a list of all the attendees and where we came from. There was also a sweet little pincushion and two patchwork fridge magnets.  The project this year was designed by Anni Downs.
Here’s a better look at the project.  A drawstring bag with a rather appropriate saying “No matter where they are… friends are never far”.  I’ll have to endeavour to have it completed before our next year’s get together.
While I’m at it, I did make another purchase from Deb’s pop up shop.  I have heard good things about these scissors for some time, so thought I’d treat myself.
Also, Judy had brought a rather loaded car, as she had some items for sale and was delivering some purchases from her recent breast cancer fund raiser.  She delivered a layer cake that I had purchased.  Now to decide what to make with it.

Once again, I have borrowed some photos from the group.
A highlight is always still warm scones baked by Chooky’s Mum for morning tea. 
I was back on task with my Moda Love variation and had the second section completed by lunch.  The second round is made from 5 inch squares and with the border is now 32 inches.  Jo’s stunning storm at sea quilt that she was working on is in the background.
After lunch it was a visit to the van to lay it out on the ‘design bed’ to work out the next round, as I was running out of room. This round uses 10 inch squares and brings it up to 72 inches square.
As the afternoon drew to a close, we were treated to a lovely sunset.

After dinner, there were a few projects reaching the finish line.
Deana with her braid quilt.
Judy with her Moda Love.
Susan with her I Spy.

I finished my Moda Love variation, all except the last 2 inch outer border before it was time to head off to bed.  No photo at this stage.

My plan was to then add the final border in the morning, after which I would be more relaxed with my stitching, take photos and just do a bit of this and that at the machine.

I felt a little bit of a head cold coming on, so in the morning did a RAT test……..and tested positive to COVID!!! Blast!!!!!  Not what was wanted.  We could have packed up and headed home, but as we were in the caravan and not a cabin and the weather was beautiful, we decided to stay and I would remain over at the van, sitting in the sun.  Fortunately, I only had very mild cold like symptoms and Mick surprisingly didn’t catch it at all.

More soon….

Scrub Stitchin’ - Part 4 - The Boys

This year, there were several hubbies tagging along to Scrub Stitchin’, both international and Aussie.  Most had not visited the area previously, so Mick took on the role of unofficial tour guide.  Let’s face it, the girls wanted them out of the way while they stitched.

Mick borrowed Chooky’s seven seater and they firstly headed off to the Sculptures in the Scrub at Dandry Gorge.
This was followed by the Salt Cave and fire tower.
After that rather full morning, they all had quite an appetite for a late lunch of burgers at the local cafe. 
The following day, they headed out again, this time to the Sandstone Caves.
After lunch at a pub in Coonabarabran, they visited the Siding Springs Observatory.
Finishing the day with a Chinese meal and meat raffles with the locals at the Bowling Club.  The place to be on a Friday night in Baradine.
On Saturday things were quieter, with Mick and Tony having a game of bowls at the Bowling Club, and having a play with Mick’s new drone back at the camp ground.
Finally, a camp oven corned silverside was prepared for a few.

I honestly think the boys had just as much fun as the girls.  I know Mick was worn out after such full days.