Sunday 4 July 2021

Setting my Goals for the Month of July

On Friday morning I started to jot down my goals for the month.  However, what I am setting in stone now is a little different, due to a productive evening with Friday Night With Friends.

Here are my stitching goals for the month:

This is the goal that has changed.  I had only planned on completing the final five blocks for my Jocelyn Proust quilt, but they are all done and I've made a start on putting the quilt top together.  
Therefore, my goal is now to complete the quilt top. It would be nice to have the whole quilt completed, but I'm not sure of the availability of my quilting fairy, so I won't make that a firm goal.

This month I have two goals.
Firstly, I need to add the snaps to the bibs I made last month.  I'd like to make more, but it isn't an urgent priority.

Secondly, (and this is my main WOOFA goal) way back in 2015 I made a test block for the Swoon quilt.  I blogged about it here.  This was originally my One Monthly Goal as well, until I changed my mind.

I still haven't made the Swoon quilt, but I am finally going to do something with that test block.  The original idea was to make a table topper, but I am going to make a small baby quilt, as the block is 24 inches square.  I really want to do more of my own quilting, so will start on smaller projects.  I have done a course on free motion quilting, but have never had the confidence to use it on my projects. Having said that, I will be doing straight line quilting on this one.

3.    OPAM
I will definitely have at least one finish this month.  Hopefully, I will have lots.  Fingers crossed.

After not working on this at all last month I hope to have at least one of the little Love and Hugs From Australia stitcheries completed.

This has already taken place, on the first Friday of the month.  I was surprisingly productive and have even posted about it here.

My goal is to finish my crocheted infinity scarf that I started last month.
I'm happy to report that the goal has already been achieved, during a Zoom stitching party yesterday and I wore it out last night to the Bathurst Winter Festival.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Despite having quite a few goals already listed, I have a couple of others sitting in the background.
I would like to make a few more pencil cases.
I want to get the Laundry Basket Mystery Quilt top put together, but can't see that happening this month.  If I make a start it will be a bonus.
Next, to the non stitching goals.

1.    READ A BOOK    

As usual, nothing specific.  I'll just grab one off the pile.


I'm sure I'll finds something to try.


This one is a bit tricky, as Mick is working, so probably no Friday will be available.  However, there are other days of the week where we can have some fun.


I doubt very much if this will happen, as Mick is working, it is the dead of winter and there is this little thing called COVID-19 that has reared its head again.  Not to worry, there will be other opportunities.

I'm looking forward to achieving my goals.  July is often a productive month for me, simply because it is winter and who wants to be outside.  We'll see how I go at the end of the month.


Narelle said...

Lovely to catch up yesterday.
You have lots of great goals ... happy July xx

loulee said...

Great to see you yesterday. Your finished scarf looks lovely, care to share pattern details?
Your Jocelyn Proust blocks look lovely, well they would, they are blue. LOL
Have fun reaching your goals this month, I'm sure you'll do it.

kiwikid said...

You are going really well with your goals Janice. Love that big Swoon block. Enjoy quilting it. Your scarf looks wonderful too.