Tuesday 31 March 2020

March Stitching Goals Results

Well, here we are at the end of March and what a different world it is to the one we were living in at the start of the month.

In amongst all the craziness associated with COVID-19 I did get some stitching done. How did I go with all my goals?  Not too bad, but no gold star this month.

I did meet my One Monthly Goal.  That is always my main priority.

I finally finished my Spring Rabbit Table Topper after 5 years.

I'm linking up over at Elm Street Quilts.  Pop over and see what others have achieved. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration to make progress on something each month.

This was also my UFO to work on, so met the WOOFA challenge for the month too.  Thanks Cheryll for the encouragement.

I joined in with Friday Night With Friends once again.  Something I'm rather enjoying.  Thanks once again Cheryll for organising us all.

My RSC blocks were completed in teal and aqua.

I was able to keep up to date with the Block Heads 3 blocks as they were released each week.

Here are all the blocks except the last one.  It is starting to take shape.  Only three more blocks and I will be able to arrange the first quarter of the quilt.

I always like to have a finish to add to Kris' tally each month. There are four finishes this month.  That is unheard of as a rule.

In addition to table topper, I completed a Christmas table runner.  This was for the little challenge that Lou and I have going to make a Christmas item each month.  Lou is making secret ornaments, I'm doing whatever takes my fancy.

Some spontaneous stitching took place when I needed to make a replacement heat wheat pillow.

Also, Mick needed a bowl cosy, now that he is eating porridge for some of his breakfasts.

The one goal that didn't quite get met was the Splendid Sampler.  I had aimed to make two more blocks and put borders around 20 blocks.

I made no blocks!  They are all fiddly and I just didn't feel in the mood to make them.  I have one half done, ready for some handstitching - my downfall as always. One has everything prepped to just cut and sew, but it is a fiddly FPP block and I need to concentrate.  Others are ready to start too.  I will get in the mood and I'll be ready to go.  Maybe at Easter?

I did, however, get borders on 34 blocks.  I love seeing how this is all coming together.  My plan was to use these as leaders and enders, but that didn't work so well, as I was chopping and changing threads and doing FPP, but I'm not too worried.

Also, foundation papers were removed from twelve blocks, so I did make some progress.  My goal wasn't met, but it wasn't a complete failure either, so I'm still comfortable with what I achieved.

Looking at all of this, I'm rather surprised at what I have sewn this month.  Usually, there is just a couple of things, if that, so I'm very pleased.

Saturday 28 March 2020

What's Been Happening......

It's been rather quiet around here today.  No children playing in the street and very little traffic.  People seem to be heeding the advice we have been given.

We haven't left home at all today, and only for a walk around the neighbourhood yesterday, keeping a safe distance from anyone else walking.  This chapel is not far our home.  You can't see it from the road, so we strolled through the parkland past it.  Mick didn't even know it was there.
On Thursday, when we were battling the supermarket for hopefully the last time for a week or so, I was contacted by Chookyblue to call in at Anni's shop, The Home Patch, to collect a package, which I duly did.  Good timing.  It appears that those of us who were to attend the cancelled Scrub Stitchin' at Baradine next weekend will be working on something together.  No peeking at our packages until instructed by Chooky.  I reckon she loves being a bit bossy. LOL  That's something to look forward to.

While I was down at the shop I did make a couple of purchases, as you do.  Today was the last day that the shopfront was open for now.  They are just doing mail order until all this is over and done with.

I've made the most recent blocks in Moda Blockheads 3.

Last week's.

All the blocks up to that stage.

Yesterday I made this week's.  It is nice and cheerful. Just what is needed.

Today has been a quiet one at home. 

Mick has been pottering in the garden and picking more produce.  We picked about a punnet of raspberries yesterday as well.  So good to finally starting to get a harvest.

We also were able to pick four little strawberries off this plant.  Mick found it at the church fete in spring.  It has the prettiest pink flowers and very sweet elongated fruit.

For lunch we had zucchini fritters, cooked on the barbie, made with our own zucchinis and button squash and served with home made tomato sauce.  Rather yummy. 

As the weather was nice I decided that it would be rather lovely to set up a sewing machine on the back verandah and work on my Splendid Sampler 2 blocks.  I also thought it would be nice to use my little baby Elna Stella that I've had since I was sixteen.  I haven't used her for simply ages.

Plan A was to make a foundation paper pieced block.  There are a couple of blocks in the quilt that I don't want to make, so I want replace them with blocks that I love from Splendid Sampler 1. There is a block with a dress that I thought I could do.

Oh my!  What a mess, just to choose fabrics for one six inch square block.

The pattern is rather detailed.  Actually, the most detailed FPP block I will have done, to date, with the fiddliest tiny pieces of fabric.  It was a bit breezy outside, so I abandoned that idea.  Everything is ready to go, so that will be my next inside stitching job.

So, I still wanted to do some sewing outside.  What to do?  Well, my plan this month was to do sashings on another twenty of the blocks as leaders and enders.  That hadn't really got off the ground.

Therefore, I cut sashings, after tidying up the above mess, and got stitching.  I now have 35 blocks with sashings attached.  I still have to press the final seams, but will do that tomorrow, when I do the ironing.

It was so nice to sit outside.  It was also nice to use my little machine.  She does sew beautifully.  I may have to do more machine sewing on the verandah when the weather is nice.  Hopefully, I can sneak a bit more in before the weather gets too cold.

Other random things were doing the washing.  Not exactly memorable, except that I washed a tissue!  Blast, blast and double blast!  I haven't done that in ages.  Of course it was in a load of dark coloured clothes, including quite a few fleecy items.  The lint roller is going to get quite a work out.

Finally, we were able to buy some hot cross buns at the supermarket.  We were given some cinnamon tea at Christmas, so thought it would go rather well with them.  A few months ago we found this cute teapot with vintage cosy at an op shop in Orange.  Time to give it a whirl.  I'm not a big tea drinker and have never used a cosy before.  I was surprised how hot it kept the tea.  A very civilised way to have afternoon tea on the front verandah.

Friday 27 March 2020

Sunday Funday

We didn't get to have a Friday Funday last week, as I had to go to the hairdresser's, which was just as well, due to the current restrictions.

So many events have been cancelled over the last few weeks.  If you had forecast the current state of things a month ago, I don't think anyone would have believed you.

We had so many things planned.  Of course, all cancelled.  Bathurst usually has an "Autumn Colours" programme, which has outings and various events, often small and hosted by the Historical Society or other small groups.  They are really interesting and you often get to visit places not normally open to the public.  This year we had hoped to attend quite a few.  

On Sunday there was a tagalong tour to a historic rural property out near where Mick grew up.  We thought that, as we were going in our own cars and it would mostly be outside, there was a chance it would proceed, but sadly not.

We didn't want to stay home, but what to do?

In the end we packed a picnic and hopped on "Snubby" the silver sidecar and headed out to Hill End, a local historic gold mining village.  We figured we could keep ourselves to ourselves and have a lovely day out.

The day was the perfect autumn day.  Warm, but not hot. The sky was so pretty.  Despite the reduction in flights, there were loads of vapour trails.  It was so nice to be travelling among green paddocks.  You feel so much calmer.

We crossed the lovely old timber "Coles Bridge" across the Turon River.

Last time we came through here the river was just a few stagnant pools. It looks so much better now.

What a hard way to practice social distancing.

After lunch we went for a wander around the village.  Come for a stroll.

Time to head home.

We had to stop at our favourite view point.  The sky was so beautiful throughout the day.  Ever changing.

We even stopped to take a photo of this old house.  We usually just go straight past.

Mick waiting patiently........or maybe getting a little impatient.

We crossed the Turon River via another old bridge, this time at Wallaby Rocks. We are lucky to still have these old bridges.  

Next stop was the other historic mining village of Sofala. We went for another stroll.

It was so good to escape the constant reminder of coronavirus and just enjoying being out and about.