Sunday, 10 July 2011

ABC Tour – Chunnel, Coming to Paris


Thursday saw us catch the Eurostar train to Paris.  It only takes a bit over two hours, with 20 minutes in the tunnel.  The world just whizzes by.  This was the only picture I got without blurring or just being trees.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 021

Our hotel is in the Madeleine District and is really nice, with English speaking staff, which helps.  We just went for a wander that afternoon to get our bearings.

Today, we hopped on the open topped bus and went for a tour of the main sights.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 296

The Louvre.  We didn’t go in, as we visited it last time we were here.

MH Paris Bus Day 007

The arch opposite the Louvre.

MH Paris Bus Day 006

The Champs Elysses.  They are getting things ready for the finale of the Tour de France.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 059

Around the Arc de Triomphe.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 072

Backwards and forwards over the Seine.  This is on the Alexander III Bridge.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 112

The Church of the Madeleine, just up the road from our hotel.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 122

We did the full loop and then went back to the Notre Dame Cathedral to have a look.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 046

It’s a splendid building.  Apparently it was in disrepair, but after Victor Hugo’s book they restored it.

MH Paris Bus Day 058

The queue moved really quickly.  The queue to the ladies’ loos was slower, and Mick had to wait at the door for me.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 048

Another lovely interior.

MH Paris Bus Day 053

Lots of stained glass windows.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 142

A couple of the bridges over the Seine had lots of locks attached.  They are “Love Locks”.  Apparently it has only been going on for a few years.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 208

So we added ours.

MH Paris Bus Day 062

There it is, in among all the rest.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 214

We wandered along the banks of the Seine looking at all the market stalls.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 234

Then we hopped back on the bus to the Eiffel Tour.  We just wandered around the base.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 268

There are heaps of fellows selling junky Eiffel Towers.  It is a constant battle between them and the police.  They are always on the lookout and when the police come along on pushbikes they all bolt.  This happens all the time.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 129

We then went and wandered around the fountain over the road.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 262

Mick loves watching the traffic, which has us both amazed.  It is like a continual dance.  There are no lanes marked on the roads and traffic just goes where it wants and you just have to watch out for them.  Add heaps of motor scooters zipping in and out, loads of busses and pushbikes as well and it is mayhem.  However, it seems to work.  Don’t ask me how.  I think there is about 15 abreast here waiting for the lights to change.

MH Paris Bus Day 089

We finished off the day with a lovely dinner.  Mick tried the snails and they were good.

JH 7-8 Jul London to Paris 307

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