Sunday, 24 July 2011

ABC Tour – Catching a Cab, Train, Cab, Bus and Boat


We had a bit of a busy day today. It was an early start to get to the train station in time to catch a high speed train to Amsterdam.  We allowed plenty of time, only to find that  our half our cab ride only took 5 minutes on a Sunday morning and that catching a train to another country is easier than catching a suburban train.  You just rock up, walk straight onto the platform and show your ticket at the door.  It is that simple.  It doesn’t seem right.

The train took us through Belguim, to The Netherlands and Amsterdam, where we caught another cab to the port to check in for our next adventure, a one week Rhine River Cruise. How exciting!  This is the finale of our trip and something we have both really  been looking forward to.  It is to be a relaxing wind down week before getting home.

We had plenty of time to spare before sailing, so we took advantage of the optional tour to the Dutch folk village “Zaanse Schans”.

JH 9-10 Jul Paris to Amsterdam 118

Here we visited a working windmill that grinds pigments for artists’ paints, a wooden shoe maker’s and a cheese maker’s.

JH 9-10 Jul Paris to Amsterdam 132

It was really picturesque.

JH 9-10 Jul Paris to Amsterdam 119

The weather was glorious, so there were lots of people out and about.  We were really taken with the gorgeous boats, both at the village and in the harbour at Amsterdam.

JH 9-10 Jul Paris to Amsterdam 129

After our tour, we boarded the “Avalon Felicity”, which is to be our home for the next week.  It is only twelve months old and somewhat luxurious. 

JH 9-10 Jul Paris to Amsterdam 149

JH 11-12- Jul Amsterdam to Cologne 178

I think we might spend a fair bit of time up here.

JH 9-10 Jul Paris to Amsterdam 158

Once we boarded we were introduced to the crew and then there was our first experience of the food.  Dinner consisted of six, yes six, courses.  Surprisingly, we were able to eat it all and didn’t feel overly full.  They were just little tastes. A great way to dine.  I could get used to this.

Generally, everyone is finding their way around, getting used to the routine and meeting the other passengers. 

Tonight we stay berthed in Amsterdam and start the cruise tomorrow.

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