Friday 28 February 2020

My February Stitching Goals Met

If you pop back here you will see that I had set myself quite a few stitching goals for the month of February.

For the second month running, I am very happy to report that they have all been met. Let's have a run down.

My goal was to continue to work on Splendid Sampler 2 by making two blocks and adding the sashing borders to 20 blocks .

This block had templates in the instructions.  I tried that method and ended up with a red hot mess.  I drew up foundation papers and used that method.  It worked a treat.

Oh no!  More curved piecing.  Not my most favourite piecing method, but it is done.  Happy dance.

My sashing borders have been started and I like the look.  Phew! Only 80 more to do......oh, and still a few more blocks to make.

I even joined in on Friday Night With Friends arranged by Cheryll again this month.  A good incentive to be productive.

I'm also participating in Cheryll's WOOFA Challenge and I wanted to progress my rabbit mat.

As expected, I didn't get it finished, but I did achieve my goal of adding the rest of the red triangles around the edge.  Now I just have to work out how to quilt it and add the binding.  A bit of fiddling will be involved I think.  I'm very pleased to be getting closer to finishing this little sucker.

Orange was the colour this month and I made all the blocks as I had hoped.

I still don't like making Drunkard Path blocks, but will persevere.

There were four blocks released this month. Yes, I'm up to date.

The first block was Birdhouse.  When I first saw it I didn't like it and was seriously considering doing one of the alternative options provided.  I ummed and aaahed for a couple of weeks, procrastinated, made up my mind, changed my mind, pulled fabric, changed my mind and decided to do the original block, pulled fabric, changed my mind, pulled different fabric and ended up with this.  It think it turned out rather cute.  

The next block was "Love".  It was a nice and easy foundation pieced block.  However, once I posted it on the Moda Blockheads Facebook group page I realised I had made a boo boo on the "E".  I see that I am not the only one, but it was going to annoy me, so today I decided to fix it up.

I made the replacement and when I went to remove the old "E" notice that my new "E" was too small!  It turned out that my printer was set at "Fit to" rather than "100%".  Blast!!!

Third time lucky.  It was worth the effort of fixing it up.

Last week's block was "Magic".  It was a bit fiddly too, with all those half square triangles.  

The three blocks above will finish at 8 inches.

This week's block was a very simple one, so I made the 6 inch version.  If I had been sensible and used any old fabric it would have taken about ten minutes to make.  Not me.  Oh no, I wanted to be all fancy with mitred vees.  The only thing was that the stripes weren't exactly 45 degrees.  I had to do a little fiddle to get the vees to match. Therefore I stitched the centre seam.  Then to add the white triangles I had to undo a bit of the seam.  After quite a bit of unnecessary fiddling, it is done.

This is what the first few blocks look like together.  I think I like the look.  You choose what size of each block you make.  I saw one setting idea that I liked, which has four quarters.  Each quarter has three 12 inch blocks, four 6 inch blocks and seven 8 inch blocks.  I think it should work well.... unless I change my mind along the way.

My final goal for the month was to complete a Christmas project.  This is the little goal that Loulee and I have going on the sideline.

I enjoy making these little ornaments, so another one will not go astray.

This is my only finish to report to Kris for OPAM.

As for a new Leader and Ender project.  Well, I sort of started one, but I'm not sure where I will go with it.  I like the look of birch tree blocks and thought this could be a way to use tiny scraps.  However, I think I need to plan just a little before sewing.  We'll see how we go.  I might try something different next month.

I'll be checking in with Elm Street Quilts, So Scrappy, Cheryll and Kris.

Now to plan for next month and try to keep up with everything.

Saturday 8 February 2020

Friday Night With Friends Progress and Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Last night was the night to join in with Cheryll's Friday Night With Friends.  

It took me a while to decide what to work on, and finally decided it was the perfect time to start adding the borders to my Splendid Sampler 2 blocks.  It gives me a good idea on how the quilt will look and I'm pleased with the green fabric choice. There are several different green tones in the blocks, but they look fine with the borders.  Twenty done, eighty to go.... and still a few more blocks  to be made. This is part of my OMG for February. 

What is it with cats?  Joey was sleeping in his basket beside me for the whole time I was stitching, cutting and pressing.  As soon as I put a block on the floor he was up and on the blocks.  That wouldn't be so bad until the claws came out.  He was not going to use my quilt blocks as a scratching board.  Naughty boy! I realise he just wanted to have his photo on the blog, but he was moved along before he could damage anything.  I did give him some cuddles later.

After we had dinner, I decided to work on my UFO project for the WOOFA Challenge.  I added five of the red triangles, so making progress.  

During the week I made my RSC blocks for this month.  The colour is orange.

There aren't any really orange fabrics in my 1930s stash, but these aren't too bad.  I quite enjoy making these pineapple blocks.

I can't say the same about my drunkard path blocks.  I still find them rather fiddly and they are ending up being VERY drunkard path blocks.  Not to worry, they are challenging me, which is not such a bad thing.

I'll be linking up with Sew Scrappy for these.

Monday 3 February 2020

My February Goals Check In

How quickly did January pass?  I can't believe we are already into the second month of the new year!

Having met my January goals, it is now time to sit down and work out my goals for February.

Firstly, my stitching goals......

My OMG still relates to the never ending Splendid Sampler 2 quilt.  

As usual, I want to make two blocks, but most importantly, now that I have the fabric to add borders around my blocks, I want to add borders to 20 blocks.  That will start to give me an idea of how it will look.  Maybe I'm a tad excited to reach this stage.  Mind you, I still have about 8 blocks to make - and they're fiddly jolly things.

Next, I want to keep working on a UFO for Cheryll's WOOFA Challenge.

I'm working on my Rabbit mat.  Realistically, I don't expect to get this finished in February, but it would be nice.  If I at least have the rest of the red triangles around the edge I will be happy.

Orange is the colour for the RSC.  I'm sure I will have my pineapple block and drunkard's path blocks completed.

There will be four blocks released this month.  I do hope to have them all made.

Lou (Manxgirl) and I have our little Christmas stitch along happening this year, so I will have a Christmas project made.  That will also be my OPAM project for this month.  I don't expect to have anything else completed.

The other thing I need to do is work out a new leader and ender project. I have to keep working on my black and white HST project that I have started, but I still need something little to just pop under the needle at the end of a stitching run.  I'm sure I'll work something out.

I think that little lot should keep me amused for a minute or two.

I have a few other little goals for the month as well.

1.  Go motorcycling - we are entered in the Orange Classic Rally in a couple of weeks.

2.  Go away for a weekend.  That is also planned.

3.  Read a book.  I'll get one off the shelf and have a read.

4.  Try a new recipe.  I have one in mind.  I just have to buy the ingredients.

Wish me luck.