Tuesday 29 October 2019

One Monthly Goal for October and Other Stitching

Phew!  I've met my goal for another month.

I have completed four more Splendid Sampler 2 blocks.

Some are getting a bit more complicated now.  "Full Circle" (top right) was supposed to have EPP and Freezer Paper piecing, but I machine pieced the centre hexy and used fusible machine applique for everything else.  Much simpler for me to achieve.  I think it still looks OK.

Now, I have also completed a couple of other things this month.

I made an Aussie themed table runner.   This was part of a gift for my good friend Loulee.

I will have more on the reason for the gift in a future post. 

The other recent finish was a couple of tea towels embellished with Christmas caravanning fabric.  One I kept for our van and the one pictured winged its way to New Zealand to Jenny for her van.  I also popped in one of Mum's crocheted kitchen towels.

This was a little thank you for a parcel I received from her.  You see, a little while ago Jenny made a bag using selvedges, which I rather admired.  She kindly offered to send me the magazine with the pattern for the bag.  

When the parcel arrived there was not only the magazine, but an interesting patchwork book.  I have read several books on Australian quilts, but this one, dated 1987, was a new one to me. Thanks Jenny.

So, I have achieved my One Monthly Goal of Four Splendid Sampler blocks, my final three Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks and completed something for Kris' One Project a Month.

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Sunday 27 October 2019

Completed Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blocks

I am very happy that not only have I completed the RSC blocks for October, but for the entire quilt.

The nominated colour for October was darks.  I had actually completed my brown blocks a little while ago, as by making these as leader and enders I was ahead of the schedule.

However, after initially planning to make thirty blocks for my quilt I decided a while ago to make it larger, so have made a few extra blocks in some colours.

My final three of these were finished on Friday.  Once again, I was leaving things to the last minute.

I'm really looking forward to laying these out on the design floor and playing around with placement before putting the quilt top together next month.

The RSC is such an easy, fun way to make a quilt during the year.  What I really enjoyed was using it as a leader and ender project. Something that I've never done before, but from now on I'd like to have a leader and ender project sitting beside my machine at all times.  I'll have to work out what I'll do next and have a cutting episode.

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Sunday 6 October 2019

Setting my One Monthly Goal for October

I can't believe that it is already October, and therefore, time to set my OMG for the month.

September was a busy month. However, October is going to be even busier, with something on every weekend and welcoming some very special visitors to stay with us.  As a result, I don't expect to spend a great deal of time in the sewing room, meaning that once again, I am setting rather modest goals.

My main goal will, as usual, be to make four Splendid Sampler 2 blocks.  The remaining blocks are getting to be a bit more detailed, so that is all I will reasonably expect to get done.  Any more will be a bonus.

In the background I will make my final three blocks for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.  This month's colour is black/brown/grey and my blocks have already been completed.  I will finish these three extras and then share them all.

Then the fun part will take place next month, playing with placement and putting the top together.

I'd like to get some extra stitching in there, but anything further will be a bonus.  Maybe November will be a bit more productive.  We'll see.

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