Friday, 22 April 2011

Meet Sophia

She is a nice Italian girl who looks good in red.  She will have her 18th birthday next week.  We can’t believe that we’ve had her for so long.  It certainly doesn’t seem like it.  She has been on many adventures with us and even travelled to Western Australia and back in the late 90s.  Sophia is a 1993 Moto Guzzi Mille GT 1000.  There were only 36 imported into Australia and of those only two were red.  All the others are black.  We feel she is pretty special.

April 2011 013

The Vintage Motorcycle Club has a week long rally around Bathurst each Easter and we try to tag along on Good Friday.  The run is always to Oberon and then on to Tarana. Today we took Sophia out for the ride.

I haven’t been on her since Easter two years ago.  The leathers still fit…..just.  I was wondering how I would go on a solo after such a long time.  Would I be nervous?  Would I still enjoy being on the back?  Would I feel the need to hang on?  When we first got a sidecar everyone asked did I prefer the solo or the outfit, to which I always replied that I like both.


Well, I can safely say that it is like riding a bike (pardon the pun). It just felt right and I enjoyed the ride so very much.  I didn’t feel the need to hang on  and I can still honestly say that I like both.  It helps that the lovely girl is very comfortable and I trust Mick as a rider.  Mostly we just toodled along, but at a couple of spots Mick gave her her head and cleared out some cobwebs. Sophia ran beautifully and she sounded sooo good.  The weather was perfect for riding – cool enough to need some layers, but without feeling like Michelin woman.


As always, there was a wide variety of old bikes.

April 2011 026

This year there were just over 200 entries, so it is growing each year.

April 2011 037

There were 5  Suzuki Rotary bikes from the 70s.  This was quite something, as there were only ever 6000 made.  They were quite a radical design for their time that didn’t really take off and I had a sit on one.  They seem to be one of those bikes that people either love or hate.

April 2011 019

One thing about being on a solo is that I can’t take photos while we are travelling along, so I haven’t many of the beautiful autumn scenery.  We did pull over at one spot though, which had some glorious coloured trees.

April 2011 029

Don’t you just want to follow that road.

April 2011 034

The run finished at Tarana where we had a yummy lunch in the cafe before heading home.

April 2011 036

We should be doing things at home tomorrow but we might just head out with all the oldies again.  This time we will take Snubby out for the run and go to Burraga. 


Dawn said...

Oh what fabulous ride you had... reminds me of when my hubby would do the Bathurst run from Victoria....I so loved riding with him...we better get our bike fixed before we are to old and I need to hang on...lOl
Hugs Dawn x x

Shelley said...

The Moto Guzzi is just gorgeous!!
I love all the vintage bikes. Sounds so fun...I can't wait to ride....
Have fun with the GS!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hellooooo Sophia!! You are gorgeous indeed!! :-)

Bec said...

Sophia is just gorgeous! Love seeing the old bikes you photograph....