Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Sunday

I seem to be doing things back to front here, posting about Anzac Day before Easter.

We had a lovely day at home yesterday.  The weather was just perfect, after the previous couple of days being a bit overcast.

Firstly, I had to open my Easter Swap Gift from Sabine in Austria. I had waited very patiently for the big day to open it. These are the lovely goodies that were hiding inside the parcel.

Anzac Day 2011 037

I was very spoilt.  I had to open the little eggs and test one out and then find a cute little bowl to put them in.  Sabine  brought a nice bright spring feel to our Easter.  The tea towel goes well with some pot holders and placemats I made a while back.

Anzac Day 2011 033

I made a little Easter display on the sideboard in the dining room and these gifts added to it nicely.

Anzac Day 2011 030

Thanks so much for the gifts Sabine.

See the little chooky sitting in the vase of flowers (and also in the photo of the swap gifts).  Well, initially Mick’s comment was “What is that?”  Before long though, he was sitting there making the little chicken tap dance and spin around with legs swirling.  I’d have loved to have taken a photo.  He was like a little kid with a new toy.  So funny to watch.

As the weather was so still, it was a good chance to oil the windmill.  There is nothing worse than hearing it squeak in feral weather. 

Anzac Day 2011 002

It is quite a way off the ground. A breeze picked up just after he finished, so it was good timing.

Anzac Day 2011 014

The dam was looking a picture, but poor old Biggles found the  big walk down there quite tiring.

Anzac Day 2011 016

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter too.

By the way, we have been tracking the progress of the container taking Olga to England.  She should arrive at Felixstowe in the UK today.  How exciting!

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Tracy said...

What lovely goodies.
It won't be long now and you will be joining Olga. I bet you and Mick are excited.
Biggles looks very cute. I think he is going to miss you.