Sunday, 17 April 2011

I’ve Got Mail

I’ve received a couple of those little red and white cards from the Post Office recently.  They are always exciting.

Firstly, this arrived a few weeks ago.  Slack me hasn’t got around to taking a photo till now.

April 2011 Playing 004

These were from the lovely Loulee as a giveaway for her 400th blog post.  The key ring for my car was looking a bit tired and had “Summer” written on it.  Now I have a nice winter replacement.   How fiddly would that be to knit.  (Tony, notice the Subaru key -I’ll even say it with a Kiwi accent for you. LOL)

Have a closer look at the cute little flower brooch.

April 2011 Playing 009

It is made from paper, so I’d better make sure it doesn’t go through the wash.  I wore it to Nundle, so a little bit of Lou could be there with us all.  I know she was thinking of us.

And finally a lovely big pincushion, which will get lots of use.

Thanks for the lovelies Lou.

Last week this parcel arrived all the way from Austria.  I’ve never received mail from there before.

April 2011 Playing 001

This parcel has come from Sabine and is for the Easter Swap arranged by Jewells.  I’m going to be very strong and not open it until Easter Sunday……….I’ll try very hard to wait till then.

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Maria said...

Oh janice you are so good not to open your parcel till Easter. I didn't. :(
What cute gifts you received for the giveaway. The wee sock is so cute.