Saturday, 24 April 2010

Springwood Quilt Show

I had a lovely day out today.  My friend Cath and I headed down to the mountains for a girls’ day out.  Grab a cuppa and have a quick tour of what we saw.

We thought it might get a bit wet, as this was the sunrise when I left home.


Our first stop was Glenbrook for a bit of a look around and a nice coffee.  We found several interesting little shops.  Definitely worth diverting off the highway when heading to Sydney, if you have time.

Then we were off to the Springwood Quilt Show.  This is the first time I have had a chance to visit this show and it was a great event. There were several trade stalls which had lovely fabrics, patterns and other bits and bobs.  A few found their way home with me.  I’ll take photos tomorrow.

The quilt display showcased some very talented ladies. I was happy to be advised that photos were allowed, so here are a few that took my eye.  I’m afraid I did not take details of the makers, but if they are yours, I’m impressed.

To start with, this one I can identify as being “Jelly Spiders” designed by Anne Sommerlad.  It was however made by another lady. I thought this might suit the jelly roll I bought in Braidwood late last year, so I bought the pattern.  It is so bright and cheerful.


I really admire the work that had gone into this quilt, although it is not one that I would ever attempt to make.


Just look at the detail in the gum blossom.  It appears to be stem stitch in just one strand of cotton.  Beautiful.


This quilt looks quite simple, but it is really deceptive.


When you look closer (zoom in), there are no rows of straight sewing.  It would be a very painstaking quilt to make.  I think I need to attempt a cushion to just try the method…… day.


A quirky quilt.  Each coloured block has a label from an item of clothing or linen.  It was fun looking at all the different brand names. I do remember reading that the maker also enjoyed crosswords, which inspired the layout.


I loved this soft quilt.  It is a Karen Cunningham design.  It is a very simple design which showcases the fabrics beautifully. The scalloped pink binding just framed it nicely.


The workmanship in this quilt was terrific.  Some of the nine patches were tiny.  I loved the overall effect.  Apparently this quilt just grew as it went, rather than following any pattern.  I wish I could do that.


I am scheming on making a black and white quilt and looking at lots of different quilts for inspiration. I also keep looking at these quilt as you go circle quilts.  This looks quite interesting.  We’ll see….. 


Vintage doyleys and scraps of other old linens were the feature of this quilt.  It was great how the doyleys tied in with the colour scheme.

2010_0424April20100017 Here is a couple of close ups to show the effect better.



This is only a very small sample of the quilts on display.  Some of the others hanging high on the walls were truly stunning.  I think one of them will take out the most popular award.  Unfortunately, they were too high up to get a good shot.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of the display.  If you have the opportunity to visit, the Quilt Show is still on tomorrow.

As predicted, it started to rain on our way home, with some quite heavy falls along the way.  Here’s hoping it clears for all the Anzac  Day events planned for tomorrow.

I’m off to get some shuteye now, as it will be a very early (3.30am) start to get into town in time for the Dawn Service with my Dad.


Chookyblue...... said...

some lovely quilts here........great mix and nice that you could take pics......thanks for sharing with us........

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thanks for sharing photos of the quilts, Janice! I wish I'd been there with you - what talent lies in them there hills!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

OMG Janice that is one awesome display...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Quilts. I love the one you've done the close-up pic of. How is it made?

Vicki said...

Thankyou for all the lovely comments you made re our show. Sandy, the maker, tells me it is called scrap lattice quilt, if you google it you will find the instructions. Happy quilting.