Saturday 3 April 2010

Our Weekend So Far

We’ve had a lovely weekend so far.  Every year the Vintage Motorcycle Club from Sydney hosts a week long rally at Bathurst.  If Mick isn’t working we usually tag along on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.  This year there were about 170 bikes entered, so there is a good variety of bikes of all ages and makes.


I love seeing old, unrestored bikes out and about.


We have taken out “Olga” the old girl this time.  Yesterday went fine, but this morning she had a little hiccup and stopped. Something electrical.  So, we pushed her for a couple of kilometres into Portland (I’m sure my legs will know about it in the morning).  We were with some friends and had a picnic packed, so after a leisurely lunch Mick and our mate headed home to our place to collect the car and trailer, leaving us girls to sit and chat. 

Mick had his first ever ride on a Harley! Don’t know what he thinks about that.

Mick on Harley

So this is how “Olga” travelled home.  Sad, isn’t it.


Mick is out in the shed tinkering now, trying to find the fault.  It will probably be something simple and we are definitely glad it happened relatively close to home.

Now, if you leave two girls unattended in a town for an hour and a half what do you expect them to do?  Shop, of course.

Portland is only a very small town with not many shops, but we nosed out a garage sale.  It wasn’t too bad either.  I found this.


Nice and clean on the inside too.


When Mick saw it he asked the obvious question “What are you going to do with that?”  To which I replied “It will be great for holding sewing projects.” To which he replied “Don’t you already have enough bags?”  To which I didn’t reply!  I think it is cute anyway.

I then found this.  Very sweet isn’t it.  I love the vintage fabric with the dotty background. (Sorry, the dots don’t show up terribly well in the photo.)


Well, if you think that’s cute, check this out.


It is crazy patchwork on a  calico background.  The 50s fabrics are just gorgeous.  The colours go together so well. What a great little collection.  It reminds me so much of Henhouse’s style.  Here is a  close up.

2010_0403April20100022 And another one.

2010_0403April20100023 Both aprons were made by the same lady as there is a scrap of the first fabric in the patchwork one.   I don’t think they have ever been used.  I was VERY excited to find these.

My final find at the garage sale was a little green glass pin dish. 


The lovely green glass vase with it was the find my Mum made at the church fete a couple of weeks ago.  Well spotted.  Once again, not a rare design, but one that I didn’t have in my collection.  I love seeing the sun streaming through the glass, it just glows.

So, more “stuff” to find a home for, but lovely to find just the same.

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We are looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow as daylight savings ends tonight and we don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow.  Looking forward to a day at home


loulee said...

Oh dear poor Olga. I do hope Mick can find the problem.

Those pot holders in your last post are great, I may have to steal that idea.

bec said...

I didn't know daylight saving was ending, good thing I follow you, or I wouldn't have known. Oh, and I'll happily have those aprons if you get sick of them :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Poor Mick. Poor Olga...oh dear hope she is better your purchases Janice....and the last one did take my eye...LOL....take care Happy Easter...Peg xx

yardage girl said...

Excellent finds! Love the little pin dish.

Nick said...

Those aprons are gorgeous, particulary the patchwork one. All those beautiful 50's fabrics! You are very lucky finding that bag in such a clean condition. Usually they are a bit grotty. Very nice. xxNick

Melissa said...

Beautiful aprons, esp. the patchwork one.
Love the green glass too
Happy Easter
Melissa x

moose and bird said...

Wow, they are beautiful aprons. I wish you could still buy beautiful fabrics like that. The green vase is gorgeous too. xo

Cherie said...

Gorgeous finds, totally gorgeous ;))

Anonymous said...

That bag was a great little find I would of given the same answer as what you did heheh
Daneve (Brissy Op Shops)

Unknown said...

Wow I love that bag! What a wonderful find! Thanks so much for playing along!
Sophie x

Kate said...

Great finds!
i have a case like that in red for my crochet. Yours is in great condition. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. X

Sandi said...

I hope Olga is back to her old self soon. Probably not the start to your weekend you expected, but every cloud has a silver lining. Wonderful treasures were found!

Bec said...

Poor Olga, at least you didn't have to push her home again. It's nice to see the old bikes lined up to look at. Did Mick like the Harley ride? I had my first Harley ride at Bathurst too; much more comfortable than being on the back of the Honda XR250.....
OMGosh I just LOVE your aprons! and the bag, I have never seen one of these in real life...what did they used to use them for? It looks lovely, and I don't think you can have too many bags for sewing projects!
The green glass as always is divine...I am still to come across any in my day!