Sunday 25 April 2010

Flea Market Finds

Yesterday, when we went to Springwood, I didn’t expect to bring home any vintage bits and pieces, but these followed me home.


It doesn’t show well in the photo, but the basket has a lovely soft green wash over it, really pretty.  Don’t you just love the price ticket – recycled old “Admit One” ticket. I was really happy to get a harbour bridge doyley, as they aren’t often seen.  The cloth at the back is a sweet little throw over with violets on the corners. I think I can see lavender sachets from this.  And how about a great big roll of bias binding.  It is poly cotton, but will still be fine to use on bibs.

I was also given these vintage patterns.  The lady they came from is in her 70s, tall, slim and very stylish. I can  just picture her in some of these outfits when she was younger.

2010_0425April20100014Other Flea Market finds can be found here.


Sarah. Splish Splash Designs said...

Lovely finds. I love those patterns.

Anonymous said...

Great finds Janice. I'm sure I've got some old patterns like that too. They were my Mum's. I'd love to make something from the patterns but I'm sure the kids would think I was mad. LOL!

My Handmadehappiness said...

the colour of the bias binding and the shift pattern are lovely what a day you had!!!!!

if you have time!!! x

Steph said...

What lovely things!! And those patterns are divine. Hope all is well :)

marian said...

i collect baskets & you've found a lovely one..i love all that's inside it too! not to mention the patterns..all fab finds!!

Aunty said...

I love the basket. The patterns are great but can you imagine any young ladies wearing those clothes these days.