Sunday 25 April 2010

Anzac Day

As expected, it was raining when we got up for the Dawn Service.  It had been raining steadily all night.  We didn’t expect many to turn up for the service, but to our amazement there was a huge crowd, one of the biggest ever.  We all stood under our umbrellas in the rain, but it wasn’t windy or cold, so was not a problem at all.


I was a bit worried about Dad in the weather, but he stayed dry and warm, so no dramas.  He would have been missed if he didn’t turn up with his shoebox full of rosemary sprigs.  At the breakfast at the RSL he really enjoys himself, catching up with mates and chatting to everyone.

Fortunately the weather cleared for the rest of the day.  Dad then went on to attend the main march in town and a further wreath laying service at the old army camp site.  There aren’t too many of the oldies able to get out and about now, so it is good that he can still lay a wreath on behalf of his old 2/18th Battalion mates.

Dick at Ingleburn Army Camp

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