Tuesday, 27 April 2010


With this last lot of rain we have had an influx of moths.  We occasionally get these but don’t know what they are called.  Mick and I call them “Bird Moths”, because they are about the size of a small bird. 

2010_0425April20100006We had to use the standard measuring tool (Matchbox) to show just how big they are.  This time there was quite a variation in size and we don’t usually get them as big as the top one.  Their eyes glow red at night and we saw quite a few on our way into town for the Anzac Day dawn service.

Here is another one which had lovely details on its wings.


It is funny how they just appear for a few days at various times of the year and are then gone again.

Does anyone know what they are?  They are too big to be Bogongs.


Sandi said...

Wow!, your moths are huge! Imagine the size of the caterpillars. Don't know what sort they are. Beautiful markings on their wings.

Julie said...

We have them here too. They are huge. The kids are fascinated by them.

Anonymous said...

That's just TOO close for my liking. They were at a friends place on Saturday night too. They were told that they come through every year moving to warmer climate. Ewwwwwwww

loulee said...

OMG! How big?