Thursday 29 April 2010

Pyjama Pants

I reckon there is a conspiracy happening with the makers of pyjama pants!  Do you notice that you buy a really pretty pair and before the end of the first winter the elastic goes.  The fabric is perfectly fine, but as the elastic is sewn in and there is no casing they are had it!  More of the throwaway society.

Well, I had my first foray into making jarmy pants at the beginning of last year. 


I bought a pattern, selected the size that was supposed to fit, but they turned out like huge clown pants.  I ran the leg seam in by two inches and they are still fairly big!  It reinforced why I don’t sew clothes.  Not happy Jan.

Not to be deterred, when we were in Braidwood in November I bought some cute bright yellow cowboy flannel at the quilt shop.  I just guessed and bought two metres, that should be enough.  Mick just rolled his eyes at the sight of it and also wondered if I would ever do anything with it. 


The weather is now quite chilly and we are getting frosts, so it is time to get out the winter jarmies.  My current favourites are held up by a dirty great big safety pin tuck at the front – very glam – so it is time to get out that yellow flannel.

This time I decided to make a pattern using a very scientific method.  First, raid your rag bag for an old pair of jarmy pants.  These are very old, as the fabric wore out before the elastic (that’s why there are the notches cut at the waist), but I digress.

Cut up said jarmies and trace around adding a seam allowance.


Use pattern on yellow flannel.  Phew, just enough, about half an inch to spare.


Then the fun bit.  My sewing machine (Janome 6500P) is supposed to be the fastest domestic machine on the market, but you never really get to top speed with the bits and pieces I sew, so this gave me the chance to really put the foot down and see what it would do.  Woo hoo! Now is that fun!

I had the whole thing finished within the hour.  They was fun to make and ……. they have good elastic, and even if it does go, I can just take it out of the casing and replace it. 


No, I will not model them, just take my word for it that they fit perfectly.  Now I will just have to get a red long sleeved t-shirt for the top.  Mick still just rolled his eyes when I showed him.

I’ve filed the pattern away, so I’ll now be on the lookout for cute flannel for another pair.

Another finish for the month.  Yay!


Chookyblue...... said...

very cool top would be nice

GerryART said...

Great, Jan, just Great ! ! ! ! !
I notice that they are short. I like that.

Janice, I did the same thing and cut a pair of boxer shorts apart and made a freezer paper pattern.
Made myself numerous sleep shorts using fat quarters. Many pair of three different prints - but, of course, color co-ordinated.
Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

Jenny of Elefantz said...

That's how I make jammie pants!! LOL!! I LOVE your jammies!!! I have been anxiously awaiting them in cowboy flannel!
Mick's just jealous...;-)

CurlyPops said...

How cute are they??? So much better than bought ones!

Thimbelina said...

These look great! I've been meaning to make myself some pj pants for a while, might just follow your lead and pull an old pair apart... at least I know they'll fit that way!

Anonymous said...

WOW! They look fantastic. Not too sure about cowboys. LOL!!! What about motorbikes? So will you be bringing them to Grenfell.?? Sometimes us shorties need to make our own clothes.

Bec said...

Fantastic! That is kinda how I make mine too; except when I made dh's last year (red tartan with teddies, LOL) I didn't unpick the old ones but traced around them, adding a seam allowance, with texta/pen on the back of the flannel. Rather rough but they came together really well. This winter he is getting some skull pj pants, cause I got it on sale at spotlight a while back.
A red top will look great with your new PJ pants!