Wednesday 28 December 2022

December Goal Wrap Up

Despite December being a busy month, I seem to have achieved quite a bit.

Today, we spent the morning packing away all the Christmas decorations and lights.  It is quite a job, but one we like to have over and done as soon as we can.  The house always looks bare afterwards.  However, as Mick pointed out, our house never looks bare.
The Christmas shelf in the kitchen has now been replace with the summer shelf.

On the Stitching front......

My OMG was to make the Harry Potter Quilt Top, not even knowing what I was going to do.  It didn't take me long to decide on a simple design and have it made, and another six cot quilts cut out to stitch soon.


This is working well.  I did miss Christmas Day and one other day, but other than that, made the effort to do something each day.  It's amazing what I could find to work on, rather than what I should be working on, if you know what I mean.
Firstly, I finished a couple of little origami butterfly magnets I started earlier this year.  I still have some more to work on, so that is something I can pick up another day.
Having worked on a couple of cross stitch projects in the last couple of months, I decided to pull out a very, very old UFO.  This was started about 30 years ago.  We were doing a picture framing course through the Community College (in which we learnt that it is something to leave to the experts) and I saw a cute cross stitch picture at the framers.  I searched out the kit and didn't get a great deal done at the time.
This is where it was up to when I picked it up.
After a couple of days I had added the cream to the left of the face and the light green about the head and to the left above the cream.  It is rather hard on the eyes, with all the colours being so pale and the fabric is difficult to work on, as some threads are quite slubby and others are gossimer thin.  That is probably why it was abandoned.  However, having seen the progress made in such a short time, I intend to keep plugging away at it over the next little while and finish it off.  No dead line, though.
My knitting was one thing that took up most of my time with the scarf and one sock being completed.  No, I haven't started the second sock yet, but I will very soon.  Promise.

That means that I have three finishes for One Project a Month.  This is the final month that Kris will be running this.  I can't thank her enough for all the effort that has gone behind it for so many years.

One reason why I didn't start the other sock was that I read my 2022 goals post from the start of the year and realised that I still had two of my Swoon blocks to piece.  I may not have the quilt finished this year, but I wasn't going to still have blocks to make.
Here are the last two.  Finished in the nick of time.
I had to lay them out to see them all together.  Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

My original plan was to use quilt as you go, but now that I have Monique, I will add the sashings and quilt it as a year.

So that little lot has kept me amused.

I did have a goal to practice with Monique, but that hasn't happened.  Next month......after the craziness of the festive season has calmed down.
On the non-stitching front, we tried a new recipe, being the mince pies.
I can also report that our Christmas Cake was a resounding success.  Phew!

We went for a motorcycle ride, to a fun event, being the Rockley Markets.

I did read a book, which I enjoyed.

As for blogging, not quite each week, but there were still plenty of posts.

I'm pleased with what was achieved, but there are still a couple of days left, so I may sneak something else in with my 15 minutes.  Who knows.

Now I have to start thinking about what to do next year.


ButterZ said...

That’s a good round up to finish off the year.

loulee said...

You had a very busy month/year. You're right, that is a cute cross stitch project.
Have another great crafting year in 2023.

Jenny said...

It's always interesting to look back at monthly achievements. Home made Christmas cakes are the best, I was sadly lacking in that achievement, I'm sorry to say. Dont leave that single sock languishing though. Have you heard the term, single sock syndrome?

Fiona said...

that cake looks delish.... I didn't make one this year but wish I had .... well done with getting the swoon blocks all done, sometimes it's helpful looking back to see what we missed...
Happy New Year...


Ali Honey said...

Wishing You Both Happy New Year.
I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year, especially your travels around Oz.
Have the butterflies got magnets glued to the back?

cityquilter grace said...

that is quite a list of things you did...i understand about the cross's why i only use aida cloth now...aging eyes you know...and a lovely quilt in progress..all this plus the astounding trip...a great year i'd say

Jan said...

love the Swoon blocks, very pretty!

Maria said...

Lots achieved for the month Janice.
Good to have the pretty Swoon blocks made.
Oh you reminded me I have a cross stitch tucked away I started when we moved here , 23years ago.
Happy New Year to you both.

PS thank you for my cute Christmas tree. X

jude's page said...

Well done on your achievements.