Sunday 23 January 2022

Zooming Along

Our friend Chooky has hosted three Zoom stitching days this month, which has been fabulous.

The first was while we were on holidays and staying with friends.  I got up early in the morning and toddled off to my friend's sewing room and joined in for a little while.  I didn't take any hand sewing with me, so just chatted and listened.
The second was also while we were away.  This time we were in a caravan park in the little town of Biggenden.  I was just chatting away again, when I realised that I did, in fact, now have some hand stitching to work on.
While staying with our friends, I was given a UFO cross stitch bookmark that had been given to my friend in a destash.  She wasn't going to work on it, so it came to me.  All the cross stitch and the backstitch on the dragonfly body had been completed.  It just needed the remainder of the backstitch and putting together.  While joining in with the girls the back stitch was done. 

There was a stain on fabric, but a soak in napisan soon fixed that.  Then it was ready for the next Zoom Day, which was this morning.
This morning's Zoom only went for four hours, so I made the effort to get out of bed early.  There was such a good roll up of girls, from all over the world.  We seemed to average about 20 on screen at a time.  Several popped in for a short time, so there would have been at least 30 participants, all up. There were a couple of newbys, which was nice to see.  This is such a nice group to be a part of, especially as some are not going out into the community very much at the moment.

Firstly, I worked on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for January.  The colour is red.  My plan is to have several quilts under way, but so far I have only prepped the blocks for one.  

This quilt will be made from 30s fabrics left over from my Splendid Sampler 2.  
There will be butterfly applique blocks alternated with nine patches, creating an Irish chain........Well, that is the plan at this stage.  All subject to change.

The nine patches were pieced and the butterflies appliqued.  I'll stitch their antennae at a later date.

Once that was done, it was time to work on my little bookmark.
I stitched the felt onto the back to cover the stitching.  After we finished Zooming I made a tassel from embroidery thread, as the one that came in the kit was a bit ordinary, and just added that to the cord that was supplied.  

Ta da!  That is my first finish for 2022.  One to add to the side bar for OPAM.   Only a little finish, but better than nothing.

By the way, the book is one I found in an op shop the other day.  I was quite excited, as I have quite a collection of Abbey Girl books by Elsie J Oxenham, but did not have this one.  You rarely see them now.

Once I had finished the back of the bookmark it was time to find another project to work on.  
Yesterday, in readiness for today's stitching morning, I finally removed the papers from the Ruby Cushion wreath and glue basted it to the background.  I have stitched down the inner ring, but still need to work on the outer ring.  I may just save that for the next Zoom get together. My main aim is to have this completed before we meet again at Scrub Stitchin' in April.

All in all, it was a rather productive few hours.  My main  goals for the month have been achieved.  However, I still have more I wish to work on before February arrives, which will be soon enough.

Thanks Chooky and all the girls for your company.

I'll link up with So Scrappy for the RSC.  Pop over to see what other girls have been up to.


The Joyful Quilter said...

Sweet bits of RED for the RSC and a lovely bookmark, too!!

Chookyblue...... said...

We've had a great zoom month...... Glad you could join us for longer this morning..... Love the butterflies...... Must get my ruby sorted out also.....

Maria said...

Lovely to catch up even for an hour…
You did well with your stitching on the RSC project and nice book mark.

Raewyn said...

Great to see you Janice! Your RSC project is going to be lovely - the butterflies are gorgeous. Love your ruby cushion project too.

Jeanette said...

Lovely to see you. Love your RSC project. I thought about joining this year so i guess i'd better get a move on before i run out of January. :). Love the bookmark & your Ruby block is gorgeous. Hugs, xx

Fiona said...

Love your different projects, the cross stitch is very pretty and so are the butterflies.... looking forward to hearing how you got on yesterday with the machine!

kiwikid said...

Well done on the cross stitch finish. Lovely butterfly blocks, they will look wonderful with the nine patches. Ruby looks wonderful.

Karen's Korner said...

Love your red butterflies. They are going to look spectacular on the quilt. Nice job on the unwanted bookmark.

loulee said...

Your butterflies are lovely and I like the current plan for them.
The book mark is delightful, you and Mick really do need book marks.
Having hand sewing if great for zoom days.

dq said...

I love getting to see close up photos of your book mark and other zoomy projects. The EPP is GORGEOUS!!!

It was good to visit Saturday.

Jenny said...

Such pretty little butterfly blocks. I did butterflies for last years RSC, or was it the year before? Still not assembled, shame in me!

cityquilter grace said...

love the wreath! good to see you jan...