Monday 31 October 2022

Phew! I Made it on Time

The main goal I had for October was to complete the top of my Churn Dash quilt, both as my One Monthly Goal and for the finish line for the Churn Dash Stitch Along.  I didn’t even get it out to have a look at until Friday.  Nothing like leaving thing to the last minute.
On Friday evening I pulled out the blocks and roughly laid them out on the “Design Floor”.
Of course Joey had to have his input.
After a bit of a fiddle this was the layout of the blocks.

We were busy on Saturday, so no progress was made.

Yesterday afternoon I started to stitch on the sashings.
In my happy place.
My first plan had been to use the background fabric for the setting stones, but when i was playing, it looked far too bland, as the sashing fabric is a rather faded looking red.  Thinking back to our Zoom get together last Saturday, I recalled the discussions regarding Janet’s corner stones.  In the end, I took inspiration from her quilt and hunted out a fat quarter of a cheddar/gold fabric and used that, to give a “pop” to the quilt.  I hope Joey approves.  Every time I went to get another row to stitch together, he had scooted them all over the place.  At least it wasn’t a problem once the blocks were in rows.
The fabric has a touch of red, to tie in with the sashings, and coincidentally, the blue setting triangles have a touch of cheddar.  Looking at things, I suppose a light blue would have worked as well, to tie in with the setting triangles.
I had the top stitched all except the final two long seams by bed time, so finished those off this morning.  I’m calling it done for the purposes of my goals.  I haven’t trimmed the edges yet, and will do that when it is time to quilt.  I had considered adding a border or two, but in the end decided that I will just bind it with the red fabric.  I have JUST enough…..I hope.  

I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out.  The only fabric I bought especially for this quilt was the background fabric, which will also be used for the backing.  Now it has to wait in the quilting queue for the machine quilting………which may be a while, as I will be quilting it on “Monique”, my mid arm machine, when I get the confidence and skill to work on a large quilt.  That is three in the queue now.  

Thanks Chooky for providing the inspiration for this little stitch along.

I will also be linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal.  Pop over to see what the other girls have been up to.


Jenny said...

You've done a wonderful job assembling all these Cnurn Dash blocks, it looks quite a large quilt. It certainly takes time putting it all together, just as well that Joey was there to offer advice.

ButterZ said...

Great job. The cheddar looks fantastic.

Chookyblue...... said...

Janice thanks for being part of the Churn Dash SAL........the quilt looks great and the cheddar cornerstones look the colours.......

jude's page said...

Great effort, just catching up on all your posts, look forward to when you load it on Monique

Deb said...

Bravo! Bravo, love the fabrics you used in your blocks and the other coordinating's you used really beautiful! and the finishing with just the binding will be the icing on the quilt!