Tuesday 1 November 2022

October Goals Wrap Up

This was an interesting month for us, as it was the first month where we have been at home and neither of us has had to go to work.  We are slowly working out a bit of a daily routine and enjoying not having to rush to do things in the limited amount of time out of work hours.

It’s time to check in with my goals for October.  I didn’t do too badly, either.


My OMG was to complete the Churn Dash quilt top.  Tick.

All my blocks have been made.  I need to embroider antennae on the butterflies and then piece the Butterflies and Nine Patch quilt top and the Black and White HST quilt top.  I’v put them both away for the moment, along with the Drunkard Path Blocks from RSC 2020.  At this stage, I think that I will just aim to put these together next year, once the busy time of the year has passed.  The Black and White HST, could also class as my RSC blocks for next year, as the blocks still have to be pieced.  We’ll see.

I was happy to have a few finishes, all unplanned.  There are eight cushions for our outdoor table and chairs.
Also, the pouch for the little blender for the caravan.

Kris has announced that this will be the last year of OPAM.  I can fully understand her reasoning for winding it up.  It has been a fun ride, so I’d better make sure I have some finishes for the last couple of months.

Yes, I worked on the cushions.

I had no definite goal, other than to work on some more EPP units.  In the end I have completed sixteen.  I had hoped to complete a further two, but that didn’t happen.  Not that I’m worried, this is my slow stitching project with no deadline.

On the non stitching front this is how we went:

This only scraped in…….sort of…. I read a very quick little ebook one evening.  “Tilda” is designed for children.  When the spiel said “L.M.Montgomery meets Ruth Park” I had to give it a go.  It is about a girl who ended up in a convent orphanage in South Australia in the early 1900s.  OK, but nothing to rave over.


I actually tried a few.
Firstly, just after Christmas, I bought some jars of fruit mince on clearance for next to nothing.  I had been on the lookout for a recipe and stumbled across one in a book written by Kerry Swain from Nundle, so lots of us bloggers will have a copy.
It was a nice and easy slice.  I’ll definitely be making it again.
I also made “Queen Elizabeth’ Cake”.  I’ll include it in a separate post.
I had bought a couple of cake mixes to take away with us, but in the end didn’t use them.  I have made one of them at home and it turned out beautifully.  I have another one to use up soon. I’m not generally a packet cake cook, but when they turn out so well, you can see why they are popular.


Well, I’m not sure if any happened on a Friday, but we had loads of fun days in October.  October and November, along with March and April are that busy time of year when so many things are happening around the area, due to the weather generally being the best of the year.  They will also have a separate post.


Yes, we actually went for a ride on “Snubby” the silver sidecar.  Once again, a separate post coming up.

So, all in all, not a bad effort for the month.

I have been rather lax in keeping up with my blogging of our doings, but I think I may have needed a little break after the mammoth effort of documenting our big trip.

I’m now looking forward to seeing what November brings.


loulee said...

Busy as always. You did put in a great effort to record your trip, so you deserve a wee break.

Jenny said...

So nice to see your monthly stitching projects and the baking! Your butterfly quilt is going to be so pretty. I think my RSC butterflies must begin hibernation, havent seen them for a while.

Karen's Korner said...

Goals reached and future goals set....a good result I say.

Maria said...

Well done on reaching your goals.
Churn Dash looks great.
All you baking looks delicious...

jude's page said...

Some yummy baking there Janice, and you probably do deserve a break