Thursday, 18 August 2022

Off to See the Wizard - Timber Creek to Kununurra

Today was the start of the next leg of our trip - entering Western Australia.
We left Timber Creek, after seeing the colourful mural at the service station.
The feature of this morning’s drive was boab trees.  There were heaps of them, sometimes just one by itself, other times in groves.  I expected it to be like bottle trees in Queensland that you really have to keep an eye out for, as there aren’t many to see.
It was fun looking for a fat one…… and then an even fatter one……
I think this is about the fattest I was able to snap a photo of.  It must be really old.
Some were rather skinny.  They obviously were much younger.  I believe they can grow to rather an old age.
After once again driving through some rather unremarkable country we could see a large hill in the distance and a lot of smoke behind it.  We were guessing which side of the hill we would drive around.  
It ended up being to the right.
There were some stunning rock formations once again.  I think they will be a feature of the area.
Eventually, we reached the West Australian border and had to turn our clocks back an hour and a half.  We were getting a sunrise at about 7 o’clock and sunset at about a quarter to seven. Now sunrise is about a quarter to six and sunset is about a quarter past five.  That will take some getting used to.  We were enjoying the longer evenings.
We called in at the rest area and there is an information board on the Kimberley region that we have now entered.  It was peppered with the little stickers off fruit, as people have been eating their fruit before going through the quarantine inspection station.  Too funny.

We had no dramas with quarantine this time, unlike South Australia.  We had eaten down all our fruit and veg and had used up all our honey.  It ended up being a very simple inspection.
We arrived in Kununurra at about half past ten in the morning, having gained that time, so went to find our caravan park.  There is a lake right in town, which is really pretty and our caravan park fronts on to it.

Most of the afternoon was spent getting the groceries done, as we needed to replenish the fruit and veg and then settling in at the caravan park.  We had initially booked for two nights, but have extended to four nights, as we are ready for a lay day again.
There is a section of the caravan park known as “Sunset Strip” where people take their nibblies and watch the sun set over Lake Kununurra.  Such a hard life.

It was nice watching the changing colours.
Yes, I know, another bloody sunset, but we haven’t seen one properly for a little while now.  It was a nice way to end the day.

The highlight of the day for me was the boab trees and for Mick it was once again the stunning scenery as we drove along.


Chookyblue...... said...

I've never seen a di l boab tree.....

loulee said...

Are you now in Maria land? Will you visit with her?

kiwikid said...

Love the boab trees, that old one is huge!! Beautiful place to be camping, never tire of sunset photos.

ButterZ said...

Love driving through that area. Keep the photos and stories coming.

cityquilter grace said...

omigosh....such wonderful photos and all the new sights are nearly overloading my senses...

Karen's Korner said...

Just caught up with the last few have certainly covered some ground and seen so much. Love the lakes and sunsets that you have shared.

jude's page said...

Love your sunset pics, don't stop now