Monday, 9 June 2014

Sneaking Away

Early last week Mick and I finally realised that there was going to be a long weekend.  We also realised that we had nothing planned, everything was up to date and there were no open houses for the sale of this place.  Therefore, it was the perfect opportunity to sneak away for a few days……..but where to?

After a quick phone call, we planned to head north west and have a belated visit to the Chookshed.

As well as spending some quality time with Chooky and her family and catching up with other friends up there, our visit coincided with a busy weekend at their local town.  Firstly, we visited the quilt show, and there are some rather talented ladies in the area.

June Long Weekend 2014 014

June Long Weekend 2014 007

June Long Weekend 2014 018

June Long Weekend 2014 036

The other event taking place was the largest Rodeo (remember to pronounce it “rode-ee-oh”, which is the Aussie way) and Camp Draft in the southern hemisphere.  I’ve never been to a rodeo before, even though there is a big one held just out of Bathurst each year, so this was quite a new experience.

Getting ready in the chute…

June Long Weekend 2014 048

Hang on!

June Long Weekend 2014 Mick 068

Many of the bulls had it worked out, buck them off quick smart and then trot out the exit chute.

However, there were a few that were just a cranky pants.  This black and white one was one with a very bad attitude.

June Long Weekend 2014 053

June Long Weekend 2014 090

There were also competitions to show your horsemanship with stock.

First, rope your calf…..

June Long Weekend 2014 060

Then tie up his legs…….all in about 10 seconds.  Meanwhile the horse stopped dead, holding the rope taut and waiting for the rider to come back.  Amazing to watch.

June Long Weekend 2014 061

And it wasn’t just for the boys.

June Long Weekend 2014 Mick 039

“Big Al” the clown kept us amused and at times distracted.

June Long Weekend 2014 139

Then there was the bucking bronco section.  These three were the pick up riders to collect the horses and at times the riders.  They did a fantastic job.

June Long Weekend 2014 Mick 060

Some sections had a saddle.

June Long Weekend 2014 165

June Long Weekend 2014 121

There was also the bare back section.

June Long Weekend 2014 Mick 064

June Long Weekend 2014 Mick 065 

June Long Weekend 2014 148

The only thing the rider has to hold onto is the pummel.  Hard work.

June Long Weekend 2014 146

June Long Weekend 2014 131

It was all very new to us, but thoroughly entertaining.  There was a great crowd enjoying the event in perfect weather.  I’m glad we went along.

Then it was back to Chooky’s to play a rather long game of Monopoly, which was something I haven’t done in a very long time.

We really enjoyed our time, so thanks to Chooky for your wonderful hospitality.


loulee said...

Looks like you folks had a great time.
Thanks for sharing the quilt show.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds like and looks like you had a ball....

Chookyblue...... said...

so nice to have you and Mick to visit.......was great weather for visitors........the quilts were lovely........hope the rest of your trip was good.........and thanks for my prezzie......