Tuesday, 10 June 2014


After we left Chooky’s on Sunday we headed towards some uncharted territory for us.  We like to find some new roads when we go travelling and we excelled ourselves this time.

Firstly, we followed some rather minor dirt roads, then going around the north of the Warrumbungles to the town of Baradine.

June Long Weekend 2014 167

June Long Weekend 2014 170

This is a place we’ve been “gunna” visit for ages, but it just hasn’t happened….till now. Chooky recommended we have lunch at “Freckles”.  Mick and I just hoped it would be open on a Sunday. We were pleasantly surprised by Baradine.  It has a nice little main street with as small supermarket, chemist, rural supply shop, post office, takeaway and “Freckles”, which wasn’t just open, but was full.

June Long Weekend 2014 173

We had a lovely hamburger and then had a poke around the vintage wares they had for sale.

The town hall was rather imposing.

June Long Weekend 2014 174

After lunch we visited the Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre, which was really interesting, but forgot to take a photo.

We’ve driven through the Pilliga Forest from Coonabarabran to Narrabri on many occasions, but have never visited Pilliga, so that was our next destination.  The road started out tar, then changed to good gravel and finally rather soft, sandy gravel.

June Long Weekend 2014 175

There were small settlements along the way, which would have been for railway sidings in years past.

Pilliga is rather small, with a pub, cafe, Police Station, Rural Transaction Centre and not a lot more.

June Long Weekend 2014 178

No, there is a newer cafe than this one.

June Long Weekend 2014 176

We had been told there are bore baths there but we hadn’t expected such a huge number of campers at the site.  This is only about half of them.

June Long Weekend 2014 179

We continued on our merry way through Wee Waa, seeing lots of cotton crops along the way and finally arriving in Narrabri for the night.  We hadn’t booked any accommodation, as our travel plans are usually rather fluid, to say the least.  We were lucky to get one of the last rooms in town, as there was a vintage car rally, a bowls tournament and a historic train visiting.

We were told the RSL Club did a good meal and the setting was a little different.  It sure was……the restaurant, “The Outback Shack”, was decked out with lots of old bits and bobs, had a rain storm each half hour and a mural of an old street.  All really well done.  And the food was good too.

June Long Weekend 2014 181

June Long Weekend 2014 182

We timed it well, as just as we were about to leave, 70 train buffs arrived to fill up this section.

June Long Weekend 2014 183

A great way to finish off an enjoyable day.


Anonymous said...

Love your post Janice and I thoroughly enjoyed your pics thankyou for sharing your travels with us all.xx

Anita said...

Love your exploring pics!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great post Janice...

loulee said...

I really need to get Tony into the lets get away for the weekend thing!
So much to see and explore here.
You and Mick made a great adventure out of your weekend.

SUZIE said...

I so enjoy all your travel posts...makes me want to leave now and explore ...thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure .

Chookyblue...... said...

see I told you Freckles would be open I forgot to tell you about the back room......the Pillga Road never changes.......they used to have a great bakery for bread when I was little........and yes now lots of people camp at the bore...........

lzilulu said...

Oh! What a lovely post about 'my home area'!You make me want to stay here! I love our 'day trips' to places like Baradine, Pilliga Sculptures in the Scrub, Pilliga, Burren Junction and Rowena. Thank you for sharing! :)

Jenny said...

Lovely photos Janis. Country towns have a lot to offer.