Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Continuing our Exploration – Mount Kaputar

I’m finally back to share the last day of our long weekend away…… you can’t rush these things.

On the Monday we had a fairly early start, as we had a big day planned.  Our first aim was to go to the top of Mt Kaputar, about 50kms east of Narrabri.  Reportedly, on a clear day, you can see 10% of the state of New South Wales.  We were very lucky, in that it was a nice, fine morning and quite warm.

June Long Weekend 2014 187

We had heard that the road was twisty and not suitable for caravans, but still good for normal cars.

June Long Weekend 2014 263

That’s where we were heading.

June Long Weekend 2014 194

Yep, the road was narrow and twisty.  It was tar, then dirt for a while, but once we climbed further it reverted to tar.  Only the last little bit was then dirt.  Better than we had expected.  Friends had ridden up on a normal road bike a few years ago.  I’m glad we were in the ute.  The gravel would have been a bit interesting as a pillion on a bike.

June Long Weekend 2014 235

Our first scenic stop was the Doug Sky Lookout.  He was the engineer that supervised the road building.  I salute him. 

June Long Weekend 2014 195

We were in for a shock when we hopped out of the warm ute cab.  It was freezing and with a stiff breeze.  Thank goodness I had thrown coats and hats in before we left home.

The view was spectacular.  This is looking towards Coonabarabran and the Liverpool Plains.  You can even see Mullally Hill.  I never knew it was called that.  We had always known it by that name as it is this one quite prominant hill at Mullally, in the middle of the vast plains.  It is our beacon to turn left toward home. I digress…..as I do.

June Long Weekend 2014 196

Here is the scenery a bit closer. We had noticed the change in vegetation as we had climbed up from the plains below.

June Long Weekend 2014 197

We were lucky, that while we were parked at the lookout a couple of cars came down the road and one went up.  We were glad we hadn’t met them on one of the narrow bends.

Finally, after quite a bit more twisting and turning we reached the summit.  What perfect weather for our visit.

June Long Weekend 2014 218

Wow!  Look at that!

June Long Weekend 2014 202

Once again we were very rugged up and my new hat had its first outing.  The flora up here is alpine more than anything, which can be expected, as the summit has an altitude of 1510 metres.  That’s higher than anywhere around home, with Black Springs being about the highest at 1200 metres.  No wonder we were cold.

June Long Weekend 2014 207

You can’t escape technology.  Then again, we expect good mobile phone coverage.  There has to be towers to meet our expectations.

June Long Weekend 2014 Mick 084

This family wasn’t at all phased by our presence.  They were quite happy to have their photo taken.  Me thinks they are rather used to us tourists.

June Long Weekend 2014 213

I noticed quite a few trees with hollow bases like this one.  There was some evidence of bushfires in the past, but fortunately, there don’t appear to have been any recently.  Touch wood. (No pun intended.)

June Long Weekend 2014 215

As we were driving down the mountain, you could get a good look at the rock outcrops. 

June Long Weekend 2014 240

When you zoom in you can just see grass trees growing on the top. I bet these outcrops are popular with climbers.

June Long Weekend 2014 Mick 096

I think it would be stunning driving through this area during wattle season.  There is already early buds forming.

June Long Weekend 2014 250

This is the squarish outcrop that you can see in the silhouette of the mountains from miles away.

June Long Weekend 2014 261

And then, before we knew it we were back on flat ground on the plains.

Mt Kaputar is somewhere we have wanted to visit for many years, so we are really pleased we made the effort on this weekend to finally get there. It certainly was a weekend of exploration.

By now time was slipping away so it was time to head home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice thankyou for sharing your lovely pics and boy look at your lovely weather,what an awesome time you both had.xx

loulee said...

Another lovely day out. Thanks for taking us along.

Jewells said...

You spin a lovely yarn about your travels..should call them "Janice's Jaunts" or "Mike's Meandering".

Sue W ♥ said...

Thank you for the memories...we stayed in the cabins about 25 years ago, my brother stills works there for the National Parks, he has a property on the road leading up to Mt Kaputar, so jealous that he has this gorgeous office lol

Sue W ♥ said...
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Chookyblue...... said...

Must go for a trip one day.........looks beautiful............