Monday, 13 June 2011

ABC Tour – Coast to Coast Rally, Cruising the Skies


There are big events planned for the non-racing days and Tuesday is always at Ramsey. Once again we were involved in the Vintage Rally.  We all met at Ramsey and then did the “Coast to Coast Run”.  This was just over 30 miles. 

There was an alternative route for the sidecars as some of the roads on the main run were too narrow.  I’d hate to have seen them.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 016

It was lovely with the three sidecars travelling along the lanes.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 014

Judging of the bikes took place back at Ramsey and there were some rather gorgeous machines.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 005

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 004

Mick watched the sprint bikes.

MH Ramsey Sprint and Joy Flight 032

You can enter on any bike.

MH Ramsey Sprint and Joy Flight 019

I caught up with Lou and had a quick look at a new crafty shop in Ramsey.

The finale of the day is always the display by the Red Arrows.

MH Ramsey Sprint and Joy Flight 047

We then had to high tail it back to Castletown for our next adventure.

Al’s mate Ashley is a Flybe pilot and also has a flying school.  Al had arranged for us to go up for a scenic flight over the island.  The weather had got quite blustery during the afternoon and I had decided not to go.  Al told me that I absolutely must, so I took a couple of travel tablets and put on the wrist bands.  The plane is a Piper Cherokee and is only a four seater.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 077

Al wanted me to sit in the front, but I jumped in the back, thinking I might quite possibly not be feeling too great.  Mick jumped in the front. To his surprise Ashley was taking him through everything and had him assisting with taxiing and making radio contact with the tower. I’m really glad I was in the back.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 030

The Red Arrows were all parked waiting for their second display in the evening.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 028

To my relief, it was not bumpy in the air.  We flew over the TT grandstand and pits.

MH Ramsey Sprint and Joy Flight 049

The scenery is gorgeous from the air.  As you can see, the weather was a bit cloudy further north.

MH Ramsey Sprint and Joy Flight 059

Peel Castle and marina from the air.

MH Ramsey Sprint and Joy Flight 058

  The coastline in the south near Port Erin is stunning.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 060

Castletown.  You can’t see our cottage but you can see the building over the road, Castle Rushen and the Gluepot Pub.

MH Ramsey Sprint and Joy Flight 065

And then back in to land.  We are so pleased that we had the opportunity to experience this and that the weather was doing the right thing.

JH Tues 7 Jun Ramsey 073

Then, just to top off a good day, when we were watching the  coverage on TV tonight we caught a quick shot of Olga at Ramsey with all the old bikes.

Racing is scheduled again for tomorrow, but the weather is a bit iffy.  We’ll see what happens.

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