Sunday, 26 June 2011

ABC Tour – Celebrating Armed Forces Day


Yesterday we noticed quite a few trains going through Stirling, so decided to go to Edinburg for the day after all, by train.  When we were watching the news this morning we also found out why Edinburg was so fully booked for accommodation.  The day is to celebrate the armed forces and their personnel.  I think this may be the first time that such a day has been held.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 132

When we arrived we hopped on a Red Sightseeing Bus, but it wasn’t a success, as roads were closed and there were people everywhere, so we ended up walking, which was just as good.  We caught the last of the military parade from the castle down the Royal Mile.

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 054

The Red Arrows flew over the Castle.

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 059

We walked up to the Castle, but when we saw the length of the queue for tickets to go in we just took some photos of the outside and headed back into the town.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 143

The grandstands for the Edinburgh Tattoo were being built in the forecourt and I think that they fascinated Mick more than the Castle.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 141

The Royal Mile was just alive with people.  I don’t know how busy it normally is, but today it was really busy.  We were amazed at the fact that it is lined totally with food outlets and Scottish themed shops.  I reckon you’d get rather sick of the sound of bagpipes if you were there all the time.

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 057

There were lots of little alleyways or “Closes” leading off the main road.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 173

We eventually made our way to Holyroyd Park where the main events of the day were taking place.  There were so many people and displays.  It was good to see so many military people there, both retired and current serving personnel.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 196

The Marines put on a display.

JH 24-25 Jun Braemar, Stirling, Edinburgh 216

Apparently Prince Charles was to be there, but we didn’t see him.  However, we did our bit of celebrity spotting when the PM, Mr Cameron, walked past with his entourage.

MH Stirling and Edinbrough 072

So ends another day of doing things we didn’t expect to do or see. 

By the way, yes, we did get a couple of showers of rain, but the weather is warming up.  It would have been up to the high teens today.  London was expected to reach 30 degrees C and there were heat wave warnings on the weather report this morning advising where to phone to get advice on how to handle the extreme heat.  What a different world to ours.  Tomorrow is expected to reach the low 20s, even in the north of England.  Here’s hoping.


Kayly said...

What a great unexpected day! Don't you just love it when things work out like this.

rozhearts said...

Another wonderful read of your travels. It is just so great that you are able to write this all down on the computer to have such fabulous memories. I agree with Kayly the days that are not planned always seem to be great days.
Happy Travels. (((HUGS))) Roz.