Thursday, 16 June 2011

ABC Tour – Cheerio Isle of Man and Confirmation From Cam


Well, the Isle of Man part of our trip is over.

After the final race on Friday we had a rather relaxing couple of days.  On Saturday the Post TT Races were held at Castletown, just down the road from where we were staying.

MH Sat 11 Jun Post TT Races 017

I promise these are the last motorcycle racing photos I will post.

MH Sat 11 Jun Post TT Races 102

On Saturday night it rained.  We were so lucky that it held off until all competition was over.  Therefore, our final day on the island was wet.  We didn’t really have any plans, so in the end we went for a drive with Al for a pub lunch.  He showed us a statue of the late Steve Hislop, who is a previous TT winner.  What a wonderful setting, overlooking Douglas.

JH Sun 12 Jun Day with Al 001

Al took us down these little, narrow lanes that we would have never found and showed us tiny little bays where he goes snorkelling.

JH Sun 12 Jun Day with Al 006

Then, before we knew it, our day was over.

So, after getting everything packed back on the bike, it was into Douglas on Monday to head back to Liverpool.  Fortunately, the weather improved for our sailing.

We called into a coffee shop in Douglas and Cameron Donald was there.  He popped over to our table for chat and Mick asked if it was actually running out of fuel that forced him out of the race on Thursday.  The answer was “No, the engine blew up”.  There you have it, from the horse’s mouth.  It was a rather frustrating week for him.  After we spoke with him, he was heading off to play on his trials bike, before heading back to Northern Ireland and a very busy schedule of racing over the next few months.

It is always sad when we leave the Isle of Man, and this time was no different.

JH Mon 13 Jun IOM to Liverpool 024

We didn’t see nearly as much as we would have liked this time, but we seemed to be doing other things, which were great fun. 

JH Mon 13 Jun IOM to Liverpool 031

We have booked our accommodation for 2013, so will be back again to do it all again.  I can’t wait.

As you come into Liverpool there are heaps of wind generators in the sea.  They look rather stunning.

MH Leaving IOM to Pooley Bridge 027

Don’t they look effective all lined up.

MH Leaving IOM to Pooley Bridge 033

We didn’t arrive in Liverpool until 6pm, and therefore stayed in the Crowne Plaza again, rather than try to get out of the city and find accommodation.  Now, the next stage of our adventure will start.

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