Tuesday 13 July 2010

Tuesday Treasures –Meet Golly and Ted

My little brother arrived eight  weeks premmie back in November 1966 when I was 22 months old.  Mum was in hospital for quite a while and that was back in the bad old days when children were not allowed to visit their parents in hospital.  I was one sad little girl. To cheer me up my Dad bought me Golly. 

July 2010 002

I spent quite a bit of time with our next door neighbour “Aunty” Merle during that time and she took me to see Santa.  Of course Golly went along too.  However, even Santa didn’t cheer me up.

Janice with Santa 1966

Golly had a bow around his neck originally, but I have no recollection of it.  For some reason I think it was yellow, but I’m not sure.  I’ll have to check with Mum.  I love this little play suit I had.  It was pink and white with an appliqué flower and made by Mum.

Janice with Golly and ball 1966

Golly was always my favourite toy.  I was never really into dolls.  The ones I had were hard plastic.  Mind you, the couple I had are still in good nick and on show in our lounge room.  I think I like them better now.

Due to much love, Golly’s gingham shirt wore out.  Mum carefully created a replacement, which unless you look closely at the neat whip stitching you wouldn’t realise wasn’t original.  Then a couple of years later his velveteen trousers lost their nap and Mum also replaced them'.  His eyebrows were a red straight stitch, but they have worn away.  Actually, his face is starting to show his age.

July 2010 003

Golly has a tag on his foot stating that he is a “Jakas Toys” and to “Wash in luke warm Lux”.  I always hated to see him hanging on the clothes line.  He had a holiday at Grandma’s once when I left him down there after a school holiday. I was very happy to see him come back home after the next time we visited.

Then, when I was in fifth class Golly had a good friend join him.  Meet Ted.  I never had a teddy bear when I was little, so I made my own in Craft at school.  I was always going to make Ted some overalls, but it never happened.  They do each have their own cardigans knitted by Mum which for many years were worn during winter.

July 2010 001

This photo was taken when I was nineteen.  Ted is hiding behind Pussycat. Don’t you just love the ballerina eiderdown!  I was not at all “girly” but the eiderdown came out every winter.  I had shelves full of vintage bits and pieces and books even then.

 Golly & Pussycat 1984

Golly and Ted always slept next to me until Mick came along, when they were relegated to just sitting on the bed when it is made. 

I’ve always said that Golly would be the first think I grab if the house was on fire.  He is very special.  Oh, of course I’d take Ted too.

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Sandi said...

Thanks for showing us your little friends, they are so sweet. I love the childhood photos too, Golly was always there.

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous pics! Special memories. You were very cute!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You haven't changed a bit....so cute...lovely story thanks for sharing your treasures

Vicki ♥ said...

You were such a cutie and I love your Golly too :)

Joy said...

Oh I just love your golly .... what a wonderful keepsake from your childhood - and so lovingly restored by your dear Mum. A treasure indeed :o).

Jo in TAS said...

Oh how lovely Golly is and to have photos of you with him to tell the story is priceless!!

RG said...

Oh Janice,
You were a cutie and your golly is so cute too!!

Guess what?? I have the exact same golly and he was and is my favourite toy too!!
I've never met anyone who had the same...
Isn't he special?

Your ted is such a cutie too.

Julie said...

Thats the cutest little story. I still have my old ted. Looking much worse for wear than Golly, I don't think he will make an appearance on the blog.

Unknown said...

What fantastic treasures ! Golly and Ted look so well loved . Thanks for playing along and showing these .

Liz said...

thank you so uch for showing us your ted and Golly. Lovely memories, beautiful photos

marina said...

They are beautiful and a very touching story to go with them.

Sheila said...

How cute , the doll and yourself , thanks for the great story.

Teresa said...

What a wonderful story and your photos are beautiful. Your Golly is just so special (and you too Ted!). Thanks for sharing.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Such a cute little doll, no wonder you loved him so much :-)

Rebecca Dippel Designs said...

Thanks for sharing. Im glad there are others who have childhood toys makes me feel better.