Sunday 11 October 2009

Race Weekend

Our visitors arrived yesterday and brought this little gizmo with them. (I know this is more the stuff for a"Boy's Blog", but I found it fascinating.)

It is a little radio controlled helicopter with a digital camera attached to the bottom. It looks quite simple, but, it is all carbon fibre and Kevlar and weighs less than 200 grams and is worth about $80,000!!!

It is used primarily for taking aerial shots of water front and prestige real estate for brochures. There are only a few in Australia. One of the electricity suppliers uses one for inspecting power poles. We were quite intrigued.

The plan was to take some aerial photos of our place (no, we do not have a prestige property, our guests were just playing) but the conditions were too windy to get a steady shot. They will try again next time they visit. It would be interesting to have an aerial photo of our place.

Today was the big Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar Race. The weather has been horrid all week. This is the sky we woke up to this morning – quite stunning – but didn’t bode too well for the races. Fortunately, despite a few showers passing over, it wasn’t too bad today, although still quite cool and breezy. The racing was good and close at the finish, which was good.

We don’t have a TV, so we had the radio on, broadcasting the race in the background, and while listening I finally finished Block 4 of Verandah Views and completed Block 5.

I now have to trace the remainder of the blocks ready to complete. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.


Julie said...

Will wait to hear if your neighbour's spotted any UFO's over the

Anonymous said...

Hello Jannimary, glad I was not operating the gizmo...definetely would have crash landed Bathhurst...have not been for years...Warm Regards Lyn

lzilulu said...

OOOH! AH! Would love to borrow that gizmo for a day or two!! Imagine a paddock covered in quilts etc.....what a great photo that would be!!!
cheers lzilulu

loulee said...

Tony sat up all night to watch the race on TV. I love my motor sport, but not that much!

Sandi said...

The boys at our house would have fun with that little helicopter.
Hubby kept an eye on the racing in between outside jobs.
Are you making a little quilt with the stitcheries?

Kate said...

Oh that helicopter sounds like such fun, a big boy's toy, what a shame it was too windy to get some good shots of your place.