Monday 31 August 2020

Sewing Achievements for August

I can't believe it is the end of the month and the end of winter already.  Therefore, it is time to do a bit of a wrap up of how I went with my stitching goals.  Pop over here to see what I planned to achieve this month

I'm happy to say I went rather well.  Here goes....


My One Monthly Goal was to make 60 Trail Mix blocks, which would have been half of the quilt top.  I smashed that goal, by making 132 blocks, or all the blocks for the quilt.  As you can gather, I really enjoyed making them.


There were four blocks released this month.  Happily, I have made them all.

The hearts are a six inch block.

This one is eight inches. A nice easy block for a change.

I have done each applique block as eight inches.  Each time I see the applique block I'm a little unsure if I will like it, but once I complete them in my pretty fabrics they turn out not too badly.

I was a little intimidated when I saw this one, especially as I'm not enjoying making my little three inch drunkard path blocks.  To make it easier, I went with the twelve inch block, so that the curves were much more gentle.  After watching the tutorial and following the pattern carefully it turned out well.  I'm very pleased with it.  We have now completed 33 of the 56 blocks.


Yes, this was completed early in the piece.  Have a look here.  Only two more colours before it is time to make my cushions.


My UFO for this month was to complete the blue striped tote bag that I had completely forgotten about.  It isn't how it was initially supposed to be, but in the end, it turned out not too bad and should be a good, practical size.  I posted about it here.


This month I decided to finally make some Christmas bunting from a preprinted panel I bought some years ago.  After some procrastinating (obviously why it wasn't made straight away) I got in and made a string.

It doesn't look all that colourful here, but every second pennant is red with a white design.  It should look great hanging across the doors into my sewing room at Christmas.  I have enough left over to make some more, but I have to work out where to hang it before I work out how long to make it.  Anyway, now that I have made one, it won't take long at all.

I have been dragging the chain with this one, so finally got in and did the final finishing.  I did the last few rows at Chooky's in the Zoom get together and then the final edging once we returned home.

This is the first item I have ever blocked.  The weather was nice on Friday so I lay it out on the table on our back verandah and it dried nice and flat.

I love the yarn and its subtle colour variations.  I don't own a scarf pin, so a vintage brooch does the job.  I'll have to keep a look out for one on our travels. I think it looks rather well on "Victoria".  It may just stay there.  And, it cost me a whole one dollar for the yarn at the op shop in Boorowa.  That is a good score.


Yes, I did join in and worked on the Trail Mix blocks.  I was quite productive for a change.  Did I say I liked working on them?  I think I may have.


I have three projects this month - my blue bag, Christmas bunting and Shawlette.  I'm pretty pleased with that.

I have to thank all the girls for running challenges and providing ongoing projects, as they work so well to encourage me to make progress through the year.  Otherwise, knowing me, they would often lanquish in a box or bag.

Now I have to start thinking about what I will work on next month.


Maria said...

You and a great month with all your projects.
Lovely appliqué block heads block and the curvy one looks good.
The shawl is pretty...
Look forward to seeing your Trail Mix together.

Jenny said...

You have had a great month working on your projects. I've never blocked knitting either, but seems the experts do.

Cheryll said...

WoW... fantastic effort Janice...
All your blocks are wonderful and that shawl is gorgeous.
Congrats on your achievements in August...xox

kiwikid said...

You have done super well with your challenges Janice, your shawl looks stunning, you got a great bargain with the wool. Your blocks are looking wonderful too, I think your applique blocks are gorgeous. Nice Christmas bunting. ☃️

Karen's Korner said...

What a productive month. Great job on the shawl. Do you hand or machine your applique blocks?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Some wonderful sewing for the month...that Drunkards Path does look intimidating! Well done you! Your shawl looks beautiful and so soft and the bunting...I am still wondering what happened to last Christmas lol!

Fiona said...

A good month with great progress on quite a few different things... as usual your piecing is so neat...