Friday, 31 July 2020

Round Up of July's Goals

Now that it is the last day of the month it is time to do a final round up of how I went on my goals for July.

I've covered some of these earlier, so will just pop in a link.

1.    I completed my Tea and Cake Runner, which was my One Monthly Goal, my WOOFA Challenge Goal and my One Project a Month.

2.    My Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks were dark blue - all done, here and here.

3.   There were five Wednesdays this month, so five Blockhead blocks to complete.  A couple are here.  

Last week saw us reach the half way mark.  There are fourteen blocks in each quarter. This is the second quarter.  It's going to be a nice, happy quilt.

I finished the fifth block today.  Just in the nick of time.

4.    I have my little Christmas item challenge happening with Lou.  Sadly, she has been a little delayed with hers,  as her stitching light needs a new tube and it is being very slow in arriving.  I know she is rather frustrated not being able to work on her hand stitching.

My project this time was only little, but at least it is something.

5.  I only did a few rows on my crochet shawlette, but that means it is a little closer to being completed.  The silly thing is that it won't take much at all to finish it.

6.  I did complete my 12 blocks on my new Trail Mix quilt.  I'm itching to get a wriggle on with this one.  I hope to achieve quite a bit tomorrow.

7.  I also joined in with Friday Night With Friends at the beginning of the month.

So, overall, my stitching goals were met.  I can't believe how well this goal setting is working for me.  Mind you, restrictions on being out and about do help.

Now onto the non stitching goals.

1.      READ A BOOK

 I enjoyed this one.. I picked it up at an op shop because I liked the cover.


Firstly, we made a Caramel Walnut Slice that was a recipe that Mum had given me years ago.

Then, we made some ginger nuts.  I had pulled the recipe out of a magazine in 1995.  You can't rush these things.  The recipe didn't say to squash them, so they ended up as balls.  Other than that, they were a success.  Nice, hard biscuits suitable for dunking.

We've continued to be baking at least once a week - biscuits, slices, muffins.  They never seem to last long.


There have only been a few shorter walks this month.  I'll blame the weather and a few other factors.  Hopefully, this will get ramped up as we get better weather.


This is our one total failure.  We were supposed to go on an overnight group ride to the Armitree Hotel last weekend.  However, Gladys (NSW Premier) is trying to discourage unnecessary travel, and our group was going to be greater than ten people, so we pulled the pin.  As it turned out, that wasn't a bad thing, as the weather was rather dismal and wet for motorcycling.  Hopefully we can get on a ride of some description in August.


You know what they say about the "best laid plans of mice and men.....".  Well. our plan was to head off yesterday for the weekend to a rather small, non touristy town. As you can gather, that didn't happen. 

We ended up having an unexpected weekend away - back to Lake Cargelligo, of all places.  You don't visit in years and years and then you visit twice in a month.  This was sadly for my 100 year old aunt's funeral.  It was a small affair, given the current restrictions, but we caught up with a few of my cousins, which was nice.  It was a celebration of a very full and interesting life.

We still made the most of our time away, which I will share shortly.


Yes, we had two.  

Our art gallery visit and our day out around Blayney finding the Sculptures in the Bush.

So, overall, most of my goals were achieved.  The one big failure was understandable.  I'm enjoying looking back and seeing what we have got up to.

Now I have to put my thinking cap on for next month's goals.  I will have to take into consideration that the COVID-19 restrictions could possibly be tightened, given what is taking place around the country.  Victorians all now have to wear face masks when out and about and even here in NSW, Woolworths, Dan Murphy's and Big W want you to wear masks when shopping there. The powers that be also want us to restrict unnecessary travel, not that it seems to be stopping many.

A case was reported in Orange today (about half an hour up the road from us), so it is getting a bit close to home.

We will all have to be guided by the situation and stay safe.


loulee said...

Looks like a very sucessful month to me.
Your Christmas ornament is lovely. Yes, I am very frustrated, I have so much catching up to do.

Maria said...

You did a great job of reaching your goals for July..
Beautiful Blockhead Blocks .. Your points are always sew precise...
Cute Christmas Ornie..
WOW, 100years.. I'm sure your Aunt had a long interesting life..

Fiona said...

a productive month and beautiful blocks. You know I always admire the quality of your work. Sorry to hear about your aunt... when you think what she would have seen in her life and the changes that have happened.. amazing really.... Keep safe...

kiwikid said...

Younhave done really well to meet most of this month's challenges, the weather and covid will pout a spoke in the works sadly. Your blocks are beautiful and your Christmas ornament is cute, hopefully Lou gets her lamp soon. Sad to hear about your Aunt, living 100 years is amazing, great to hear she lived a full and interesting life.

Jenny said...

You always seem to do so well in meeting your challenges.

dq said...

Your blockhead quilt is GORGEOUS! I love your fabrics and the variety of blocks.

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