Friday, 18 November 2016

In Our Own Backyard - Part 7 - The Finishing Touches

After visiting the open gardens at the end of last month there was a final push to finish off the yard around the shed, as there was still just a dirt path down to the house and the area between the house and the shed was a bit of a waste land.

Initially, it was planned to pour a concrete path up to the shed, but after the success of the pebbles in the area on the other side of the shed, Mick decided to just make a pebble path.  Easier to do and, more importantly, cream pebbles would not be as stark as concrete.

Firstly, small retaining walls were required.  We don't like the look of treated pine sleepers and the aren't all that durable.  Real sleepers are rather expensive these days.  Concrete blocks are too deep for what we wanted.   We found our solution in Bunnings - concrete sleepers.  They really look the part, but are only quite thin.  Perfect, as we only need low walls.

Now, to keep it real, here is an in progress picture of the side entrance.

There you go, all ready to plant.  Once again, pebbles really finish it off.  The metal plate covers the sprinkler system and a new clothes line has been attached to the shed wall.  

Mick bought a few plants at the recent church fete and there is always a great plant stall at the open gardens.  We bought up big.  We then raided some plants we had brought in from our old out of town garden that have been planted elsewhere and raided my mum's garden.  Plenty of plants to fill up the new garden bed.

All planted.  Now we have to wait for everything to grow.  

One more item is on "The List" for this area.  Where Mick is standing will hopefully have a small garden shed built.  More of a garden "cupboard" than "shed".  It will be no higher than the fence and just be large enough to hold the mower and a few garden tools.  Not a high priority.

So a final look at the back yard.

Before anything was started.

Nearly there - now you see it....

All done - now you don't.

What is gone?  Yes the hills hoist.  Although they are the best for drying the washing, it looks much better now it is gone.

I'm also surprised, comparing the before and after photos for the first time today, how much the garden has grown along the back fence.  Amazing what a good season does.

The yard certainly looks smaller than when we purchased, but there is still a nice area of lawn and the finished product will certainly meet our needs. Having the established garden around the fence was wonderful and we are really enjoying seeing it wake up during the spring. 

Mick is just so happy that there is no dirt on show now.

We are thrilled with how it has all turned out.  


Chookyblue...... said...

Pebbles look great..... The yards looks wonderful you sure have done everything well..... And the vegies are growing to I see.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice everything looks fantastic,the yard looks amazing all your's and Mick's hard work has payed off.
You both have a real knack of designing a yard,well done to you both xx

Fiona said...

well done,great job.

Susan said...

It all looks great. Obviously not as much space as out of town, but you've certainly squeezed everything you need in......with the added bonus of lower maintenance. Concrete sleepers are great, I'll have to check them out.

Rachaeldaisy said...

So now you're done will you guys come and tackle my garden :)
You've done a wonderful job with your backyard. It really looks wonderful. It's a great time of year to spend time enjoying it.
How interesting to hear of concrete sleepers. How clever of someone to think of that.