Tuesday, 15 November 2016

In our Own Back Yard Part 6 - The Theme of Rust and Rustic

As you saw, there was quite a bit of "Rust" and "Rustic" in Mick's shed garden.

This photo was taken a couple of months ago, so it has changed since then (flowers, rocks etc.)

We seem to have accumulated interesting bits and bobs over the years that have ended up in our garden, some at our old garden out of town and some in this garden for the first time.

The old plough has been with us for quite some years.  The garden is already starting to grow over it, so some pruning will soon be required.

The curly old iron piece on the left has been with us for about 30 years.  It was one of our first "Tip Finds" when we started renovations on our first home.  We liked the look of it and popped it in the garden.  One day, not long afterwards, I was up at the base hospital, which was being renovated and restored.  I noticed the balcony railings.  They alternated between one identical to our bit of rust and a thinner, obviously more modern one.  So, I'm pretty sure our rusty curls originated on the Bathurst Hospital.

The old forge on the right had languished in the shed with the anvil and vice.  Mick decided it would make a great bird bath.  Add a  plastic terracotta plant saucer and the job was done.  It is nice seeing it in use.  

The little bird feeder on the right is new and just sitting there temporarily.

Our lovely birdbath fitted in this spot perfectly when we moved here.

Now for Mick's latest addition.......

At the Bathurst Swap Meet back in February he found the cross bar of an old telegraph pole, complete with all its insulators.  Just recently, he visited a mate's place which has hundreds of acres of scrub and came home with a sapling trunk.  Add a rustic bird feeder, made by another mate.

Ta Da!

And yes, there have been birds visit, but only sparrows that we have seen so far.

More soon.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Your garden could be one of the open gardens, it's so full of fun things. Fancy having a telegraph pole, I'm impressed!

Ali Honey said...

Somehow I missed your last post. I really like your new raised garden beds and seating. Very cool! I'll be interested to know how the worm farm in situ works.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,wow your garden is amazing,i love the telegraph pole it looks awesome in the garden,well done to you and Mick ,your garden is a real credit to you both xx

Jenny said...

Oh Janis it all looks so amazing. Lots of work. Mick is obviously a real handy person to have in the garden.