Monday, 10 October 2016

Our Little Adventure Continues

I'm finally getting back to our travels.,....

On the Friday we continued travelling north through the centre of Bendigo. Fortunately, it was a public holiday, so relatively quiet. 

We noticed a park area with gorgeous tulips so went looking for a car park. Once again, being a public holiday played into our hands.

The colours looked so intense in the low light.

Don't you love these gargoyle lamps in front if the Law Courts.

The architecture is a little grandeous. Nothing like flaunting your wealth in the gold rush era.

A little over the top, but beautiful just the same.

Back to the gardens.  Enjoy the eye candy.

A new computer wallpaper maybe?

We saw a sign to the Poppet Head Lookout.  You can just see it at the top of the hill, so up we went.

Nearly there. 

And that's when it started to rain. Mick went halfway up, but you couldn't see a great deal more than on the ground in the wet, so we headed back down the hill, when, of course, it stopped.

Back to the gardens.

I don't think I've seen a park with so many statues and busts of founding fathers than here.

That weather was building up again.

Let's quickly go through the rainforest garden before the next shower....Too late.  See the rain spots on the plaque.  Isn't it a lovely sentiment.

It was rather lovely seeing it all damp and drippy, but we were starting to get the same way.  Time to get back to the car.

Hang on.  What's that? Let's zoom in with the camera.

No it's not seed pods.  It's bats. Not what I expected to see in Bendigo. I thought they were more tropical.

Anyway, we really must get moving as it is now really raining and we didn't bring our rain jackets with us.

A bit further along, while we were still in Bendigo we came across this lovely lake....with a coffee van, and as you can see, it had stopped raining again.

There were even lots of water hens wandering around.  It was another nice spot to stop.

Back on the road, we travelled through quite a few small towns.  

One we stopped in was Rushworth.  It had a lovely mani street.

The railway no longer goes through, but there is a quirky toilet block.

I also loved the garden beside the museum with all the "rubbish" incorporated in the beds.

Our next stop was our destination for the night, but more on that soon.


Rachaeldaisy said...

What fun!! I love seeing Bendigo through your eyes. So lovely to see all those flowers in bloom. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering where you went to next.

Jenny said...

Bendigo looks a rather historic place, beautiful old buildings, lots of statues, and glorious gardens. But those bats - yuk!