Saturday, 15 October 2016

Home James

After Hay we were once again faced with some decisions on how to get home.  Travelling from West Wyalong to Grenfell and Cowra was not a option due to water over roads.

Our only option was to follow the Murrumbidgee River along to Narrandera.  We had never travelled this road and it was quite picturesque, particularly with so much water around and everywhere being so green.

We came across a rather large mob of cattle on the road.  They were all looking in pretty good nick.

We stopped at one place that would be ideal for free camping.  Lovely big gum trees by the river.......but they were in the river at the time, as were most of the facilities.

As we drove along we started to see some more orchards in one area.

Then a large group of farm buildings.  Very neat and tidy.

With a splendid shearing shed emblazened with "Tubbo". You can find everything with Mr Google these days, so I did a little search.  Firstly, an article on the sale of Tubbo Station in 2010 for $40 million.
Then there was a youtube clip of John Williamson singing a song "Tubbo Station" with the lyrics starting with "Never seen it so green round Tubbo Station".  It could have been written about the scenery at present.  Click on the link and have a listen.  We aren't country music fans but we used to have John Williamson cassettes in the ute when we went travelling about 30 years ago.  His music really do suit the wide open country.

I digress, back to our travels.....

Finally, the obligatory windmill photo. This one has seen better days.

Live Traffic had told us that there would be water over the road between Hay and Narrandera.  We came across a few places where it had been across the road but had since receded.  This was the first time we came across a sign, but it too had receded.  Happy dance.

We stopped for morning tea in Narrandera........only to then realise it was lunch time, so why not have cheesecake and coffee for lunch? Very nice it was too.

Another decisions was to be made on where to go next.  We decided to go to Grong Grong then to Junee and up to Cootamundra for the night.  The only problem was that when we got to Grong Grong we learnt that the road to Junee was closed at Ganmain, so Plan B had to come into play.  Our only choice was to turn north to Ariah Park, Temora, Stockinbingal and then back south to Cootamundra.  A bit out of the way but a nice drive all the same.

Eventually we came to the place where the Newell Highway was closed.

We even had a little water right across the road at one spot.

Stockinbingal had a rather cute old tin building.

We turned onto the road to Cootamundra only to see a sign "Road Flooded".  What did than mean? Was the road closed or not?  We found a local who told us it was open.  There was actually no water on the road all the way to Cootamundra.

Finally, we arrived at the Cootamundra Caravan Park.  It was rather full, with the Blue Mountains Caravan Club staying there on their way home from Canberra.  The owners of the park put on a sausage sizzle for everyone, which was really enjoyable.  We got chatting to one fellow and we ended up working out that he used to attend classic bike rallies in Bathurst years ago.  When he told us what bike he rode, we realised he had actually stayed with us once.  Then, another lady came up to us and asked if we came from Bathurst.  It tuned out that she and her husband attend the car rally that our club runs.  You can't hide can  you!  We then chatted to a couple who saw Mick's Isle of Man T-Shirt and wanted to know all about the TT, as they wish to go soon.  

Happy hour certainly beat sitting by ourselves in the van.  A great way to finish off our week away.

Monday was just a short trip back home to arrive in time for lunch.

The next big test was to see if the van fitted in the shed.  Mick was one very relieved man when he was able to back it in.

Now we have to find time to take our van for some more outings.  We're looking forward to it.

FOOTNOTE:  I've just had a look at Live Traffic.  The road west of Narrandera is now closed as a new flood peak moves down the Murrumbidgee, which is affecting roads we were on.  However, the road from West Wyalong to Grenfell and Cowra is now open. I've also had a look at the weather site to see that another flood peak is due to reach Hay on 20th October.  Here's hoping the levees hold.


Jenny said...

A lovely week away, exploring and discovering new places. And finished off with the sigh of relief when the new van fitted into the shed!
Time to plan your next trip now,

Jenny said...

Bet its better than sleeping in the little tent... lots of water down there

Googy Girl said...

Looks like you had a lovely journey, so nice seeing the green countryside

Rachaeldaisy said...

Reading your posts makes me want to jump in the car and head off down the road!! How interesting to find out about Tubbo, and there's even a song.