Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Weekend That Was

Yesterday morning I ventured into town for the local Farmers Market at the showground.  I don’t often get to attend, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

March 2014 001

Being the main harvest time of the year meant there was a great variety of produce.

March 2014 003

There was plenty for the garden, once again being the perfect time for planting, especially after the rain we have received.

March 2014 017

Inside the pavilions there were more stalls, mainly the providores.  Oh, so much yummy stuff.

March 2014 016

Of course, all this shopping works up a thirst and appetite, so the local service clubs kept everyone fed and local coffee was ready to go.

March 2014 002

We are very lucky in our area to have such wonderful fresh produce. 

An added attraction this month was the Sustainable Living Expo hosted by the council.  There were several interesting stalls.

March 2014 004

Part of the Expo was the Zoo to You, where an incredibly interesting talk was given.  We met “Tonka”, the baby wombat.  He followed his adopted Dad around all the time.  So cute to see.  I didn’t know wombats had an armour plated butt, till yesterday.

March 2014 009

We also learnt a little about possums.

March 2014 006

I had never thought of bearded dragons as being solar powered before.  Apparently, they are the the perfect pet - you can just cool them down and they will go into a little hibernation while you head off on holidays.  No needing someone to come and feed them while you are away.  Likewise, I had never thought about the fact there are farms commercially growing cockroaches and other bugs to feed reptiles.  I’m sure this isn’t vitally important knowledge to have acquired, but interesting and entertaining, just the same.

March 2014 011


There were storms all around our area over the weekend.  Bathurst received a couple of downpours, but we didn’t get a drop.  It did, however, create a stunning sunset yesterday.

March 2014 022


We have noticed that some of our plants are a little confused with the weather.  They seem to think it is spring.

I always thought a Nashi should flower in October, not March.  Maybe it thinks it is in the northern hemisphere.

March 2014 048

Our neighbour has a row of Manchurian pears in full bloom.

Our may bush is also confused.

March 2014 043

Mind you, it got so hot, so quickly in spring that they didn’t flower properly then.  I just hope they get back into whack after winter.

We have a few other plants giving a final display before we start to get frosts.

March 2014 025

March 2014 027

March 2014 044 

March 2014 041

March 2014 045

March 2014 028

March 2014 031

The bees were very industrious on the butterfly bush.  There were even a couple of black and cream butterflies, but they wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to take a photo.

Finally, one more little rose bud.

March 2014 049


loulee said...

Looks like a great day out.

creations.1 said...

A great day out - I love going to markets! The plants may be a little confused but they are giving a great bonus!!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful market Janice and such lovely pics of your garden,yes we are just starting to have some light frost,we will need to start picking the pumpkins.xx

Susan said...

My garden is very confused too. I can't believe how much my roses have flowered this week. They will get a shock with the first frost.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics of a lovely weekend out and about Janice :)

Cheryll said...

GoRGeoUS pic's... ooohhh those colourful flowers are beautiful!
Thanks for sharing ! :)

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

Lovely pics Janice.. esp the bee! the sunset is awesome too!