Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Story Continues

The young man and woman, who are not quite so young any more, have owned their little piece of paradise for nearly 20 years now.

March 2014 002

As much as they love their home they don’t spend nearly as much time there as they wish, or should.  They are either at work or out and about, going places and doing things.

About six months ago the man and woman made the big decision to move back into town.

They will miss their little piece of paradise, sitting on the verandah in the peace and quiet, with its lovely view and lots of birds and wildlife.  They will miss the drive to and from town.  However, they will have wonderful memories and feel very privileged to have lived there for so long.

They are now ready for a new adventure. 

The man and woman decided to look for a block of land to build on and have found one, at the end of a cul-de-sac in a relatively new estate, with a lovely view.  It is the last block to be built on in the street, so they know that they will not have anyone build in front of the view. It is only a couple of minutes away from the woman’s mother, who is now quite elderly, and still quite close to the centre of town.


Our block, looking from the street


Our block, view to the west


November 2013 View to the North

For the last few months they have been visiting display homes, researching fixtures and fittings and learning lots about energy efficiency.  They have marvelling at all the changes in building styles and features since they built their home all those years ago.  It has been great fun for them and a house will be created that is quite different to the one on their little piece of paradise. Many hours have been spent scribbling away, working out a design that will suit their new lifestyle.  The plans are going to be drawn up fairly soon. 

They won’t be building it themselves.

The man and woman have to now prepare to  place their little piece of paradise on the market.  There will need to be a bit of freshening up and quite a bit of downsizing.  That will prove difficult for two collectors of all things old, interesting or which have wonderful memories.  The woman will particularly struggle with this, but it must be done.

Unfortunately, this will mean that the woman will not be doing as much stitching as she would like for the next little while.  However, she can live with that, as when their new home is built she will, for the first time ever, have her own sewing room.  She is very excited.

The man is also happy to still be going to have plenty of room for his motorcycles and a nice big shed, as he has had a wonderful big shed on their little piece of paradise.

Let their adventure begin.


Tracy said...

Best wishes to the very lovely couple on their new venture. The new views are beautiful.

Susan said...

Wow! Very exciting news to be starting a new adventure. I'm sure the house will need a new quilt when it's finished!

Susan said...

How exciting for you! I see Joey was sniffing at the mushrooms in the last post - my Joey would just eat the plastic bag..a strange cat!

Anita said...

Ah uh....had been wondering how the big move was coming along! I find the building process too stressful lol

Show and Tell said...

I haven't met the man but I think the woman is such a sweetie and I only have a wish of happiness for both of them and their new home....enjoy the ride Janice xx